Shopping for fishing bait can be a daunting task. Where do you even begin? When you’re out of luck and unable to locate any bait, the question becomes “Where to buy fishing bait near me?” The answer may not always be so obvious. Your best bet is to start looking online or in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. You may also want to ask around town at tackle shops or fishing supply stores. In this blog post, we will look at all of the different places where you can buy fishing bait near you and how to make sure that you get the best deal possible. From online shops to local retailers, read on to find out all the different ways that you can pick up some high-quality bait for your next outing.

Local Stores

If you’re looking for fishing bait, your best bet is to check out your local stores. Many bait shops will have a wide variety of bait options, so you’re sure to find something that works for you.

In addition to bait shops, many sporting goods stores and even some grocery stores sell fishing bait. So if you’re not sure where to start your search, just take a look around your neighborhood and see what’s available.

Of course, you can always order bait online, but if you’re looking for the widest selection possible, it’s worth checking out your local stores first.

Online Stores

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy fishing bait near you, there are a few online stores that sell it. is a good option, as they have a wide selection of baits and lures available. Another option is, which also has a good selection of baits and lures. If you’re looking for something specific, like live bait, then you might want to try searching on They have a lot of different sellers that offer live bait for sale.


When it comes to fishing bait, Amazon is a great option. They have a wide selection of baits to choose from, and they offer free shipping on orders over $25. Plus, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get your bait delivered even faster.


EBay is a great place to buy fishing bait. You can find a variety of bait on eBay, including live bait, artificial bait, and scented bait. You can also find a variety of fishing tackle on eBay, including rods, reels, and line. eBay also offers a wide selection of fishing lures and attractants.


Alibaba is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, connecting buyers and sellers from all over the globe. Whether you’re looking for fishing bait, tackle, or other fishing supplies, Alibaba is a great place to start your search. You can narrow down your search by product type, price range, or location to find exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, with AliExpress’ buyer protection program, you can shop with confidence knowing that your purchase is protected.

Sports stores

There are many different types of sports stores, but not all of them sell fishing bait. However, there are a few that do sell bait and these include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, and Bass Pro Shops. If you cannot find any of these stores near you, then you can always check online retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

Convenience stores

There’s nothing worse than being out in the middle of nowhere without bait for your fishing trip. Luckily, there are plenty of convenience stores located near fishing spots that sell bait. Here are a few of the best places to buy fishing bait near you:

  1. Walmart
    With over 11,000 locations across the country, Walmart is a great option for buying fishing bait. They typically sell live bait like worms and minnows, as well as artificial lures.
  2. CVS
    CVS is another nationwide chain that sells fishing bait at most of their locations. In addition to live bait, they also sell a variety of plastic worms and lures.
  3. Target
    Target is another store that carries a decent selection of fishing bait, although it varies by location. They usually sell both live and artificial bait options.
  4. Local Tackle Shops
    For a more comprehensive selection of bait, your best bet is to check out a local tackle shop. These shops typically cater to fishermen and have everything you need for a successful day on the water.

Bait and tackle shops

There are a few things you need to know before heading to the bait shop. The first is what kind of fish you’re trying to catch. Different fish like different bait, so it’s important to know what you’re after. The second is what kind of tackle you need. Again, this depends on the type of fish you’re trying to catch. Once you have this information, you can head to the bait and tackle shop.

Most bait and tackle shops will have a variety of baits for different types of fish. They should also have the right tackle for whatever type of fishing you’re planning on doing. If they don’t have what you need, they should be able to special order it for you.

Tips for Buying Fishing Bait

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing fishing bait. First, consider what type of fish you are trying to catch. Different fish are attracted to different types of bait. Second, think about the size of the bait. Again, this will vary depending on the type of fish you are targeting. Larger bait is usually better for bigger fish, while smaller bait is better for smaller fish. Third, take into account the time of year and the temperature of the water. Some bait works better in certain seasons or in certain temperatures. Finally, pay attention to the price. Bait can range in price from very cheap to very expensive. It’s important to find a balance between quality and price that works for you.

How to store fishing bait?

Assuming you’ve already purchased your bait, it’s now time to focus on how to store it. Storing your bait properly is essential for keeping it alive and fresh, so that it will be more effective when you use it. Here are some tips on how to store fishing bait:

  • If you’re using live bait, such as worms or minnows, keep them in a bait bucket or container filled with fresh water. Add a little bit of sand or gravel to the bottom of the container to give the bait something to grip onto.
  • Keep the bait bucket in a cool, shady spot out of direct sunlight. If the water gets too warm, the bait will start to die off.
  • If you’re using artificial lures, such as plastic worms or crankbaits, store them in a tackle box away from direct sunlight. Lures can also be stored in zip-lock bags to keep them organized and protected.


In conclusion, it is important to know where the best places to buy fishing bait near you are. There are a variety of options, whether you prefer to shop online or visit a local store. By researching and comparing prices, you can be sure to find the perfect spot for your next fishing trip. With these tips in mind, you can easily find quality bait at an affordable price. So grab your rod and reel and get ready for a great day out on the lake!