Fishing is an incredibly popular activity in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tamriel, while also having the potential to yield some amazing rewards. But before you get out on the open water, there’s one thing you need to do first: find bait! Bait is essential for successful fishing and can be found in a variety of places throughout ESO. In this blog post, we will explore where and how you can find bait for fishing in ESO, so that your next fishing trip is a memorable one.

What is bait?

There are many types of bait that can be used for fishing, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular types of bait include: earthworms, minnows, crickets, and cheese. earthworms are a good choice for bait because they are easy to find and usually stay on the hook well. However, they are not very attractive to fish and may not be the best choice if you’re looking to catch a big fish. Minnows are small fish that can be used as live bait. They are very attractive to fish and will often result in a bigger catch. However, minnows can be difficult to keep alive out of water and may die quickly if not cared for properly. Crickets are another type of live bait that can be used for fishing. They are relatively easy to keep alive and provide a good amount of movement in the water, which is attractive to fish. However, crickets can be difficult to hook and may escape the hooks easily. Cheese is a common type of bait that is easy to find and use. It is not as attractive to fish as other baits, but it is less likely to escape from hooks and is easier to keep on the hook than some other baits.

What is Fishing in ESO?

Fishing is a gathering skill in The Elder Scrolls Online. It allows the player to catch fish from bodies of water, and can be done either with a fishing rod or by hand.

The fish can be used for food, or sold to vendors for gold. Fishing also provides the raw materials for crafting certain potions and furnishings.

To fish, simply approach a body of water and use the “Interact” key (default E). Doing so will cast your line into the water. Once a fish bites, you’ll need to reel it in by holding down the “Interact” key again.

Different types of fish can be found in different locations, and some are rarer than others. There are also achievement associated with catching certain numbers and types of fish.

The Different types of bait

There are many different types of bait that can be used for fishing in Elder Scrolls Online. Some of the most common include:

  • Flesh Fly Larvae: These can be found near water sources, and are a favorite food of many fish.
  • Mudcrab Chitin: Mudcrabs can be found near bodies of water, and their shells make excellent bait.
  • Scuttlefish: These small fish are often found near the docks in ports and settlements. They make good live bait, as they wiggle when hooked.
  • Pilgrim’s Dust: This strange powder is a byproduct of the alchemical process used to create Vivec’s Antidote. It has an odd effect on fish, making them attracted to it.

Where to find bait for fishing in eso?

There are a few different ways that you can get bait for fishing in ESO. The first way is to buy it from the fishermen who are located in various spots around the game world. The second way is to find bait fish in the wild and use them as bait. The third way is to catch insects and small animals and use them as bait. And finally, the fourth way is to use food items as bait.

How to Get Bait for Fishing in ESO

There are a few ways that you can get bait for fishing in ESO. You can either purchase it from a vendor, find it while looting, or craft it yourself.

If you decide to purchase bait, the best place to look is at a fishing supply vendor. These vendors can be found in most major cities and some smaller ones as well. The type of bait they sell will vary depending on the location, but you should be able to find something that will work for the fish you’re trying to catch.

You can also find bait while looting containers and kill mobs. The chances of finding bait this way are pretty low, but it’s worth checking if you’re running low on supplies. Be sure to check the bodies of any fish that you catch as well – sometimes they’ll have bait in their stomachs that you can use.

Finally, if you’re feeling creative, you can craft your own bait using various ingredients that can be found around Tamriel. Recipes for crafting bait can be purchased from fishing supply vendors, or looted from containers or mobs.

The Best Places to Fish in ESO

There are many great places to fish in ESO, but some stand out above the rest. Here are a few of the best fishing spots in the game:

  1.  One of the best spots for fishing is actually right in the starting area for each faction. For example, if you’re playing as a member of the Aldmeri Dominion, you can find some great fishing spots just south of Elden Root.
  2. Another great place to fish is in the Grahtwood region. There are several lakes and rivers here that are perfect for fishing, and you’re sure to catch something good.
  3. The last recommended spot on our list is in Stonefalls. This zone has some great fishing spots near the lava flows, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for a challenge.

How to use bait when fishing in eso?

One of the great things about fishing in ESO is that you don’t need bait to do it. You can catch fish without bait, but your success rate will be lower. Bait can be purchased from most general goods vendors, and it comes in three varieties: bread, cheese, and worm. Each type of bait has a different chance of attracting a fish, with bread having the lowest chance and worms having the highest.

To use bait, simply equip it and then cast your line into the water. The bait will automatically be used when you start fishing. Keep in mind that bait doesn’t last forever – after a certain amount of time, the bait will lose its effectiveness and you’ll need to purchase more if you want to continue fishing.

Bait Recipes

There are a few ways to get bait for fishing in ESO. You can either buy it from a fishing vendor, or you can catch small fish and insects out in the wild to use as bait.

If you’re looking to save some money, catching your own bait is the way to go. Small fish can be found in just about any body of water, and insects are plentiful in most areas of Tamriel. All you need is a net and a bit of patience.

Once you’ve got your bait, it’s time to head out to one of the many fishing spots located throughout the world. Each zone has several different types of fish that can be caught, so make sure to check out a fishing guide before you start trying to snag that rare catch!

Alternatives to using bait when fishing in eso

If you’re not interested in using bait when fishing in eso, there are a few alternatives that you can try. One is to use a lure. Lures come in all shapes and sizes, and they’re designed to attract fish with their appearance and/or movement. You can purchase lures at most tackle shops, or you can make your own.

Another alternative to bait is to use a fly. Flies are small, lightweight insects that are typically used as bait for trout fishing. However, they can also be effective for other types of fish. If you’re not sure how to tie a fly, there are many instructional videos and articles available online.

Finally, you can try using artificial baits such as plastic worms or jigs. These baits are designed to look and move like real live bait, but they don’t contain any organic material. This makes them ideal for fishing in areas where the use of live bait is prohibited or discouraged.


Fishing in Elder Scrolls Online can be a rewarding experience, and having the right bait is essential. There are several ways to obtain bait for fishing in ESO: you can purchase it from vendors or other players, craft it yourself with various materials found throughout the game world, or you can find natural sources of fish eggs such as those within bodies of water. With these tips in hand, you should have no trouble finding enough bait to keep your fishing adventures going strong!RC, M  ZXZ, ZXZ