Striped bass are an important fish in the Gulf of Mexico and Alabama. They are a popular sportfish and are also used for commercial fishing. Unfortunately, they can be difficult to catch, especially in late summer and fall. Here is a guide to when striped bass run in Alabama.

What Causes Striped Bass to Run?

Striped bass are a popular sport fish that can be found in many Alabama lakes and rivers. Striped bass typically spawn in late spring or early summer and will feed on small fish and crustaceans during their spawning season.

How to Catch Striped Bass in Alabama?

When you’re looking to take your striped bass fishing skills to the next level, landing a nice largemouth or smallmouth fish is a great place to start. Here are five tips for catching Striped Bass in Alabama:

  1. Use a jigging style that mimics the natural swimming motion of a striped bass. Cast your lure just beyond structure and wait for the fish to come into range.
  2. When stripers are feeding, they will often follow baitfish schools or other targeted feeding zones, so casting near these areas can give you some good chances of hooking up.
  3. Try fishing striped bass during twilight or early morning hours when they are most active and likely to be caught. These times offer some of the best opportunity for big fish catches because they have plenty of food nearby.
  4. Be prepared for some tough fighting when targeting striped bass in Alabama – these fish are known for being strong fighters and can spook easily if hooked improperly. Practice proper techniques and take your time before making any moves.
  5. Finally, always use caution while reeling in a striped bass – they can run quickly and generate lots of power when fighting

What Kinds of bait to Use for Striped Bass in Alabama

When fishing for striped bass in Alabama, there are a few different bait options that anglers can use. One of the most popular baits for striped bass is live worms. Other baits that can be used to catch this fish include crankbaits, spoons, and jigs. When choosing which bait to use, it is important to understand the Striped Bass’ feeding habits.

When Should You Go Fishing for Striped Bass in Alabama?

There are three times of the year when striped bass can be found in Alabama waters: during the summertime, during the fall season, and during the winter. The best time to go fishing for striped bass is typically during the summertime, when they are more active and feeding. However, striped bass can also be found in Alabama in the fall and winter months.


Striped bass run in Alabama throughout the year, but they are most active during the fall and winter. During these times, anglers should be looking for areas with good water clarity and fish near structure, such as banks or sunken points. In addition to striped bass, other species that can be found in Alabama reservoirs during the fall include largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, bluegill sunfish, crappie, white perch and walleye.


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