Crappie fishing is a popular sport in many parts of the United States. Anglers hope to find these small fish in various types of water, including reservoirs, streams, and rivers. Knowing when and where crappie spawn can help you locate these fish more easily.

When do Crappie Spawn?

Crappie spawn in most Illinois streams from early April through late May. Spawning generally slows down as the water temperature approaches 70 degrees.

Where do Crappie Spawn?

Crappie spawn during May and June in most parts of the country. Some places may have a later spawn, but typically they spawn in May. Look for areas with deep pools of water with largemouth or smallmouth bass present.

Tips for Crappie Fishing in Proper Seasons

Crappie fishing is a popular sport, but it can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know the right time to fish. In fact, crappie fishing can be an enjoyable hobby if you know the right places to find them. The key to success is finding crappie spawning grounds during the right season. Here are some tips for locating crappie spawning grounds:

  1. Look for areas with high water clarity. Crappie prefer waters that are crystal clear, so look for areas with low vegetation and fast-flowing streams.
  2. Check banklines and overhanging banks for Crappie nests. These fish like to lay their eggs close to the edge of the water where they can watch over them vigilantly.
  3. Scan under bridges and around other manmade structures for Crappie hiding spots. These fish often prefer dark, quiet spots where they can ambush their prey.

Last Thoughts

Crappie spawn in wet weather in various parts of the country. In general, they spawn during the fall and early winter months. In some areas, crappie can spawn as early as February. Spawning activity can be monitored with a livewell or drift net.


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