Northern Pike are one of the most sought-after fish in the sport of fly fishing. They’re big, they fight hard, and they give a good battle. If you’re looking to add this big fish to your list of catches, you need the right equipment. Are you wondering what rod and reel combo is best for northern pike fishing? Check out our article to learn more about the different types of gear that are available and how each will work best for you. With the help of this information, you can confidently purchase the right gear and get ready for some serious fishing action!

What to consider when choosing a rod and reel combo

When choosing a rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing, there are a few things to consider. The main factors to consider are the weight of the fish you are targeting, the type of fishing you will be doing, and your personal preferences.

Some popular rod and reel combos for northern pike fishing include lightweight rods with heavy-duty reels. This combination is ideal if you plan on catching small fish all day long or if you frequently go after big fish in tough waters. Another popular option is a heavier rod with a lighter reel. This setup is perfect for anglers who want to take advantage of quicker bites or smaller fish. Finally, consider what type of line you will be using. A full-braid line is ideal for taking big fish on long casts, while a monofilament line is better suited for shorter casts and delicate targets.

The Best Rod and Reel Combo for Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike are a big fish and can be pretty tough to land. The best rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing is going to depend on your skill level, the type of fishing you’re doing, and the particular northern pike you’re targeting.

If you’re new to northern pike fishing, a lightweight rod with a light reel is going to be best. A 7 or 8 weight will work well for most anglers. For experienced anglers who want to target bigger northern pike, a heavier rod (10 or 11 weight) with a heavier reel will be more appropriate.

Another key factor when selecting a rod and reel for northern pike fishing is the line size. Most anglers use 10 or 12 pound test line when targeting these fish. However, if you plan on fighting larger northern pike or targeting other fish species in the area that can also put up a fight, then using a heavier line (15 or 18 pound test) is recommended.

Finally, consider your budget when selecting the right rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing. It’s important to find something that suits your needs without breaking the bank.

What are the best northern pike fishing rods and reels?

There are many different types of northern pike fishing rods and reels on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing:

Length: Northern pike can be quite long, so a longer rod is ideal.
Action: A good northern pike rod should have a soft action that won’t cause the fish to feel pain when struck.
Drag: Drag is important for landing big fish, so make sure to choose a reel that can handle the weight of a northern pike.
Weight: Northern pike are notoriously heavy fighters, so make sure your chosen reel is sturdy enough to handle their size and strength.

What are the best features of a northern pike fishing rod and reel combo?

Northern Pike have a reputation as some of the world’s toughest fish to catch, but with the right gear and technique, anglers can put big fish in their bags.

When choosing a northern pike fishing rod and reel combo, it is important to find a design that is effective for your individual fishing style. For general tackle use, a 6-foot tall rod with an 8- to 10-pound reel will be adequate. However, if you plan on targeting large northern pikes or working deep water, consider selecting a longer rod (10-12 feet) with an even heavier weight reel (15 to 30 pounds). In addition to size and weight, consider features such as action (low or high), number of sections (6 or 8), and handle type (straight or contoured). Some anglers also prefer hybrid rods that combine aspects of both types.

Another important factor to consider when selecting a northern pike fishing rod and reel combo is the type of line you will be using. Thin wire lines are best for shallow water where snag potential is low, while heavier lines are better suited for deeper water where bigger fish can be taken. Many anglers also choose buttless reels in order to eliminate snagging on vegetation and rocks.

Choosing the Right Rod and Reel

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the right rod and reel combo for northern pike fishing. The size of your fish, the type of fishing you plan on doing, and what kind of ground cover is prevalent in the area will all play a role in choosing the right setup.

Northern pike can be quite big and territorial, so it’s important to make sure your reel can handle large baits. A good rule of thumb is to go with a reel that has a capacity of at least 8 pounds. For smaller lures or fly-fishing, a 6 or 7-pound reel may be more appropriate.

The type of hook you use also affects the size of bait you can use. A traditional spinning rod should work well with bulky artificial lures such as pigskinners or jigs, while an11-foot spinning rod is more suited for using lighter flies. Bites from northern pike can be especially ferocious and require a strong hookset to bring them in safely.

Types of Reels

There are a few different types of reels to choose from when fishing for northern pike. A baitcaster reel is the most common type and it has two gears that rotate the spool. This type of reel is perfect for catching fish on a jig or lure, but it’s not as versatile as other reels. A spinning reel is a good option if you want more control over your fishing line. It has several gears that allow you to change the speed of the reel so you can get better results with your lure or hook. A fixed-spinning reel doesn’t have any gears, so you have to use a separate line spooler to change the line speed. A drag setter is also a good option if you want to limit how much power your rod gives your reeling effort. This setting lets you work slowly with heavier lures and catch bigger fish.

Fishing Techniques for Northern Pike

Northern Pike are some of the most challenging fish to catch on a fly rod, but with the right angling techniques and equipment you can reel them in. Here are three fishing techniques for catching northern pike on a fly rod:

  1. Fly Fishing for Northern Pike:

    Northern Pike are avid fly fishers and will take your bait if you set it up correctly. Try casting small nymphs or streamers near the bank, raising them into the air before letting them fall back into the water. Be sure to keep an eye on your line in case a big northern pike decides to take your bait!

  2. Spinning Rod and Reel Techniques for Northern Pike:

    For northern pike that prefer smaller flies, try using a spinning rod and spincast reel. Cast small flies just offshore, then watch as they swim towards you before release. If you’re targeting larger northern pike, try luring them in with a jighead or popper. Use heavier tackle to pull in these predators; a good reel configuration for this type of fishing includes at least 5 wt., 6 wt., or 7 wt. lines and a powerful motor.

  3.  Boat-Fished Techniques for Northern Pike:

    If you don’t have access to land, boat fishing is another great way to catch northern pike. Float your baits out at least 30 feet from the boat before casting them into the water. Be sure to use large lures that will stand out against their dark colors, and use a heavy rod with a good drag setting to bring them in.

What to Bring When Fishing for Northern Pike?

Northern Pike are one the most challenging and aggressive fish to catch on a fly rod. The right combination of rod and reel can make or break your chances of landing this big fish. Here is a list of what to bring when fishing for northern pike:

  • Fly rod with a stout action and a good knot strength
  • Tight line, 7/16″ or smaller
  • Good quality fly reel with at least a 10lb drag
  • 6 or 8 weight fly line
  • High quality hooks, like Mustad’s #10 or Izaak Walton’s Ivy


When it comes to fishing for northern pike, there is no one definitive answer as to what the best rod and reel combo is for the task. However, by taking into account a variety of factors such as weight, action, and line type, you should be able to find a combo that will work well for you specifically. So whether you are looking for an all-around solid setup or want something specific tailored to northern pike fishing, make sure to try out different combinations until you find one that feels comfortable and performs optimally.