Have you ever wanted to know the GPS coordinates for a certain location? Did you want to know the location of a wreck in the ocean? Well, now you can with Triple Wrecks GPS Coordinates! This software allows you to input any coordinates, and it will tell you the location of the wreck as well as some other interesting information. So if you’re ever curious about a dive spot or some other maritime landmark, Triple Wrecks is the software for you!

What are Triple Wrecks?

Triple Wrecks GPS coordinates are markers placed on the ocean floor by NOAA to help sailors find their way. Triple Wrecks are located in three different areas of the country: The Gulf of Mexico, The Atlantic Ocean and The Pacific Ocean. Triple Wrecks GPS coordinates are in degrees, minutes, and seconds.

  1. Triple Wrecks GPS coordinates for the Gulf of Mexico are 25 degrees, 34 minutes, and 47 seconds north latitude, 86 degrees, 26 minutes, and 00 seconds west longitude.
  2. Triple Wrecks GPS coordinates for the Atlantic Ocean are 40 degrees, 07 minutes, and 07 seconds north latitude, 63 degrees, 43 minutes, and 49 seconds east longitude.
  3. Triple Wrecks GPS coordinates for the Pacific Ocean are 13 degrees, 04 minutes, and 51 seconds north latitude, 159 degrees, 00 minutes, and 44 seconds east longitude.

Triple Wrecks Location

The Triple Wrecks GPS coordinates are N 36.50837, W -104.86692. The site is located in the middle of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The wrecks are visible from the road and can be accessed by hiking or horseback riding.

The first wreck is the SS Texas, a tanker that went down in 1941 while on its way to refuel American troops fighting in Europe. The ship has been broken into three sections and is now a popular dive site. The second wreck is the SS Minnie D, a freighter that sank in 1979 after hitting a mine near Greenland. Parts of the ship can still be seen underwater. The final wreck is the SS Arthur M Wright, a cargo ship that caught fire and sunk in 1998. Parts of the ship can still be seen underwater.

Fishing the Triple Wrecks

The Triple Wrecks are a trio of wrecks that can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a great spot to fish for redfish, kingfish, and calico bass. The coordinates for this location are 25.9260, -82.7339.

Where are the Triple Wrecks?

Located only about 50 miles East of Barnegat Inlet off the coast of Northern New Jersey.

Here are the GPS coordinates for The Triple Wrecks:


39 36.1
-73 01.7


39 38.19
-73 03.09


39 32.16
-73 02.62


39 37.75
-73 01.82

Fishing the Triple Wrecks

Hot spot for yellow fin tuna and other pelagic species off the coast of NJ.


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