The Best Time of Year to Fish Pier Style

The best time of year to fish pier style is usually during the fall and winter months. This is because the water is colder, which means the fish are biting harder. And since there’s less competition from other boats and people on the pier, you’re more likely to get a successful catch. Another reason to fish pier style in the winter is because the water is typically calmer and clearer than in summertime.

For Pier Fishing, Rods and Reels

When it comes to choosing the right pier fishing rig for your needs, there are a few things to consider. First, what kind of fish are you targeting? If you’re looking for panfish such as bluegill and crappie, then a light-weight rod and reel will work great. However, if you’re targeting larger fish such as striped bass or northern pike, you’ll need something with more power. Additionally, what kind of environment are you fishing in? If the water is cold and murky, a heavy-duty rig will be necessary to fight off the elements. Conversely, if the water is warm and clear, a lighter rig may be more comfortable.

Once you’ve determined what type of rig is best for your fishing situation, the next step is to choose the right gear. For panfish rigs, a lightweight jigging rod with a moderate action is ideal. For larger fish such as striped bass and pike, a heavier tackle will be necessary. In addition to rods and reels, tackle bags can also make a big difference when it comes to pier fishing. A quality bag will protect your gear from damage while allowing you to transport it easily.

#1. Pier Fishing Rigs

There are a few different types of pier fishing rigs that you can use to get the best results. Here are three of the most popular pier fishing rigs: the jig, bobber, and weighted fly.

The jig is probably the most common type of pier fishing rig, and it consists of a weight at the end of a flexible wire or pole. You tie a piece of bait to the jig, and then cast it out into the water. If you’re using a live bait fish like a bass or catfish, make sure you hook it right in the mouth so it can’t escape.

The bobber is also a popular pier fishing rig, and it’s similar to the jig in that it has a weight at the end of a flexible wire or pole. However, instead of tying bait to the bobber, you just let it float. When an unsuspecting fish contacts the bobber, it will cause the weight to sink, which will bring your catch closer for capture.

The weighted fly is another popular pier fishing rig, and it uses weight to help attract fish. You can buy pre-made weights or you can create your own by

Get Ready to Fish: The Complete List of Supplies

If you’re looking to hit the pier for some fresh fish, you need to have the right gear. Here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need to get started:

  • -A rod and reel
  • -Lure(s)
  • -Bait
  • -Casting net
  • -Pier fishing license

#2. Irwin ViseGrip Long Nose Pliers

Irwin ViseGrip Long Nose Pliers are perfect for pier fishing. The long nose allows you to get a good grip on the fish, and the stainless steel construction makes them durable.

#3. Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet 40Lb

Pier fishing is a great way to spend a day outdoors. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and there are many different pier fishing rigs available.

One of the best pier fishing rigs is the Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet LB. This rig is designed to provide stability and accurate casting. It also has a wire bit that makes it easy to catch fish.

The Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet LB is made from tough nylon material that is resistant to wear and tear. It also comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to transport.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use pier fishing rig, the Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet LB is the perfect choice.

#4. Malin Wire Leader

If you’re wondering what the best pier fishing rig is, then look no further. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best pier fishing rigs that will help you catch some big fish. Whether you’re targeting bass, bluefish, or even largemouths, these rigs will give you the success you need to take home the prize. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, be sure to check out our list and see which one is perfect for you.

Malin Wire Leader| King Mackerel Wahoo Shark Rigging (#10 (131lb) 163' roll)


#5. Gamakatsu Circle Hooks

A circle hook is the best choice for surf casting where long linens will result in weak hooksets. They are self-setting and can be rigged correctly.

Gamakatsu hooks can be strong, sharp, and extremely reliable. They come in sizes ranging from 8/0 to 8/0. You can find the right size for whatever you are looking for in the surf.

Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hooks Offset-Point (25-Pack), Black, Size 2


#6. Eagle Claw 8 mm beads

Surf-casting rigs often include beads. They can be placed between a sliding sinker or a barrel swivel to protect your line from the pounding caused by all that lead.

Eagle Claw A8BEAD20R Plastic Beads, 8 mm, Red, 20 Piece


#7. Ice Sea Sinker Slides

A slide is essential when you need to be able to slide easily with a large sinker. The clip makes it easy to adjust sinker weights according to changing conditions.

ICE SEA 25-50pcs Fishing Line Sinker Slide with Duo-Lock Snap Blue High-Strength Sinker Slider Stainless Steel Snap Kit (Light Blue, 25pcs)


#8. Bullet Weights Pyramid Sinkers

A pyramid sinker, an old-fashioned design, allows for long castings and holds well. It will keep your surf casting equipment where it needs to be. It is able to hold onto the water by laying on its side. The points and flat at the top grip protect it from current and tide.

Bullet Weight’s sinkers come in a variety of weights from 1 to 6 ounces making them an excellent choice for any situation.

#9. Dr. Fish Cigar Float

Pesky crabs can destroy live bait. A cigar float can help keep your hook afloat and keep you in the game for longer.

Dr.Fish 30 Pack Fishing Rig Floats Cork Float Pompano Floats Walleye Rig Lure Making Accessories Surf Fishing Foam Bobbers Snell Float Pencil Float


#10. Riptail Barrel Swivels

Barrel swivels, which are also essential for rigging, are needed to cast surf. Riptail has swivels that can be used for anything from fluke to sharks, and specks to specks.

Riptail Barrel Fishing Swivels - Steel with Corrosion-Resistant Finish, Size #8 (45lb) - 100 Pack


#11. Thundermist Lure Company 3-Way Swivel

Some anglers prefer to tie their double-hooked rods. However, a three-way swivel works better at preventing tangles. It also allows live bait to swim more freely, which attracts more bites.

T-Turn Thundermist Black Nickel, Medium


#12. Breakaway Super Sinker

Breakaway Super Sinkers come in standard surf casting weights and offer better grip for anglers who have to deal with rocky bottoms.

Breakaway Super Sinker 4oz


#13. Fishing lure float balls

These float balls are the best for Fireball Rigs. They are available in sizes 12 and 18 mm, which is just the right size to keep a hook off the bottom.

Fishing Lure Float Balls,100Pcs EPS Foam Buoyancy Ball Fishing Float Bobbers Drift Ball Strike Indicator Fishing Tackle Foam Indicator


The Best Pier Rigs

If you’re looking for a rig that will allow you to target fish in close quarters, then a pier rig is the way to go. These rigs are made with lightweight materials and designed with a minimalistic approach, which makes them ideal for fishing in tight spots. Here are four of the best pier fishing rigs on the market today.

The Fish Finder Rig (A Modified Carolina Rig).

The Fish Finder Rig is a modified Carolina rig that works well for pier fishing. It is simple to set up and you can use it with any type of fish. The Fish Finder Rig is a good option if you want to catch small fish without using a lot of gear.

The High/Low Rig

The high/low rig is a popular pier fishing rig because it gives you the ability to cover more ground while targeting fish. The rig consists of a baited hook on top of a long pole, with the bottom end of the pole extended into the water. The baited hook is elevated above the water’s surface to entice fish into striking it.

The high/low rig is versatile and can be used for a variety of fish, including bass, crappie, catfish, and trout. It is also perfect for trolling in both shallow and deep water. By varying the height of the bait, you can target different types of fish in different areas of the pier. This arrangement makes it easy to find your way around and cover a lot of ground quickly.

If you’re looking for an effective pier fishing rig that will let you cover a lot of ground quickly, the high/low rig is a great choice.

The Fireball Rig

The Fireball rig is a great all-around pier fishing rig. It is simple to set up and can be used in a variety of locations, making it a great choice for beginner or experienced pier fishermen alike. The Fireball rig is best suited for smallmouth and largemouth bass, but can also be used for catfish, red fish and trout.

To get started with the Fireball rig, you will need a few supplies. First, you will need a weight, such as a rock or brick, to hang from the bait. Next, you will need a line holder and painter. The line holder attaches to the weight and allows you to hold the line taut while painting it on the hooks. The painter is a small tube of paint that you use to attach the hooks to the line. Finally, you will need hooks of different sizes and types, depending on what type of fish you are trying to catch.

To use the Fireball rig, start by tying the line holder onto the weight. Then put the hooks into the line holder and tie them onto the painter. Next, put the bait on the hook and pull it through the line holder and outfitted with hook. Make

Last Thoughts

Pier fishing is a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. There are a lot of different pier fishing rigs that can be used for different types of fish. The best pier fishing rigs will vary depending on the type of fish that you are targeting and what type of environment you are fishing in. Some good pier fishing rigs to consider include jigs, live bait, crankbaits, and spinners. Experiment a little and find what works best for you!


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