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How to Tie the Non-Slip Loop Knot or Kreh Knot?

  Many anglers discover the hard way that a snug knot is often a poor choice for direct connection to lures. By design, snug knots will stifle action and suppress wiggle, deadening many lures beyond redemption. The solution is a strong, easy-to-tie loop knot like the Kreh. Easier to tie than the Rapala knot, the […]

Tying a knot can be a handy skill to have in your toolkit, and the non-slip loop knot is a particularly easy one to use. In this article, we’ll show you how to tie the knot and some tips for using it.

What is a Kreh Knot?

The Kreh Knot, also known as the Non-Slip Loop Knot, is a secure knot that can be used to fasten ropes together. It’s also great for holding onto knots while you’re tying other knots. Here’s how to tie it:

  1. Make a basic loop with one end of the rope.
  2. Cross the loop over the top of the original loop, making sure the ends meet in the middle.
  3. Pull on the ends to tighten the knot.
  4. To release the knot, pull on one end until it comes loose from the other end.

How to Tie the Non-Slip Loop Knot or Kreh Knot

The non-slip loop knot is a knot that can be used to keep your lines from slipping and becoming tangled. This knot is also known as the Kreh knot. To tie the non-slip loop knot, start by forming a loop with one end of your line. Then, make a half-loop with the other end of the line, and cross the first loop over the second loop. Finally,pull Tightly on both loops to form the knot.

Tips for Tying a Kreh Knot

The Kreh Knot is a popular knot for tying ropes together that does not slip. It is named after its creator, Lloyd Kreh, and can be used to tie together a variety of ropes, including fishing lines, line ties, and hammock straps. Here are four tips for tying the Kreh Knot:

  1. Start by creating a loop with one end of the rope. Make sure that the loop is large enough to fit around the other rope several times.
  2. Place the loop around the other rope and pull tight. The knot should now be close to the first rope.
  3. Cross the two ropes in the middle of the knot and hold on tight. Keep pulling until the knot is tight.
  4. Cut off any excess rope before using the Kreh Knot

The Kreh Non-Slip Loop Knot has many advantages

The Kreh Knot is a versatile knot that can be used for a variety of applications, including tying a non-slip loop. The knot is easy to tie and can be used in a number of different ways, making it a great choice for a variety of situations.

The Kreh Knot is commonly used to create a non-slip loop. When tied correctly, the knot will stay secure no matter how much movement is present. This makes it perfect for use in areas where there is potential for movement, such as on stairs or around corners. Additionally, the knot can be easily undone if needed, making it an ideal choice for emergencies.

If you are looking for a knot that will stay secure no matter what, the Kreh Knot is an excellent choice. Thanks for reading!

The Kreh in Fluorocarbon, and Braid

The Kreh Knot is a great knot for tying non-slip loops in fluorocarbon fishing line. The Kreh Knot is also a good knot to use when braiding fishing line.

What happens when Kreh Knots fail?

When tying the Kreh Knot, it’s important to make sure the loop is tight. If it’s not, the knot can fail. Here are four ways the knot can fail:

  1. The loop can come undone when being pulled on.
  2. The knot can slip when being pulled on.
  3. The knot can come undone while being pulled on or when subjected to tension.
  4. The knot can pull apart when being pulled on or when subjected to tension


If you’re ever in a bind and need to tie a knot fast, the non-slip loop knot or Kreh knot is always a good option. This knot can be used for tying ropes together, securing cargo, or making temporary repairs. Once you know how to tie it, you’ll never have to worry about having an emergency rope fix again!

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