Massey’s Canyon is one of the most beautiful areas in Northern California and it’s well-known for its hiking trails. But what many people don’t know is that the area is also home to some of the best GPS coordinates for outdoor enthusiasts. Massey’s Canyon is a great place to go when you want to explore some of the most beautiful scenery in Sacramento County. And if you’re looking to go hiking, the coordinates below will help you find the best trails and spots in Massey’s Canyon.

What are Massey’s Canyon GPS coordinates?

If you’re looking for some beautiful hiking in the Stanislaus National Forest, then Massey’s Canyon might be the perfect place for you! The canyon is located just south of Mount Shasta and offers a great mix of easy and challenging trails. Here are the GPS coordinates for Massey’s Canyon: 43.947500,-120.296000. If you’re interested in hiking this spot, be sure to check out our full guide to hiking in the Stanislaus National Forest!

How to find Massey’s Canyon GPS coordinates on a map?

Massey’s Canyon is located in the eastern part of Zion National Park, Utah. To find Massey’s Canyon GPS coordinates, use a map and enter the following information:

-Latitude: 36.0916
-Longitude: -111.1181

Where is Massey’s Canyon located?

Massey’s Canyon is located in the Sequoia National Forest, east of Kings Canyon National Park. The coordinates for Massey’s Canyon are 38.680206,-119.453455.

What can you see from the top of Massey’s Canyon?

Massey’s Canyon is a popular hiking destination in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. The canyon is located approximately 9 miles east of Coalville, Utah and offers stunning views from the top. From the summit, you can see Mt. Timpanogos to the southwest, Mittersill Mountain to the north, and Elk Ridge to the east. Massey’s Canyon also offers a number of trails that wind through the canyon resulting in different perspectives of the landscape below.

What are the best time of year to visit Massey’s Canyon?

There are many factors to consider when deciding when to visit Massey’s Canyon. The best time of year to visit will depend on your preferences and the weather in the area.

Some people prefer to visit during the summer, when the canyon is filled with wildflowers. Others might enjoy visiting in the spring or fall when the leaves are changing color. There is no wrong time to visit Massey’s Canyon – just make sure you plan ahead and check the weather forecast!


In this concluding article of the Massey’s Canyon GPS coordinates series, we will provide you with the final set of coordinates for exploring this beautiful area. If you have not done so already, I strongly recommend that you download and install the Geocoordinates App on your smartphone in order to make navigating around Massey’s Canyon a breeze. Between the app and our detailed written instructions, there is no way that you will be lost while hiking through this special place. Be sure to leave some time for snacks and enjoy the stunning views!


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