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How to Tie the Non-Slip Loop Knot or Kreh Knot

  Many anglers discover the hard way that a snug knot is often a poor choice for direct connection to lures. By design, snug knots will stifle action and suppress wiggle, deadening many lures beyond redemption. The solution is a strong, easy-to-tie loop knot like the Kreh. Easier to tie than the Rapala knot, the […]
How to tie a dropper loop easy steps

Many anglers learn the hard way that tight knots are often not the best choice for connecting to lures. Strict knots can stifle movement and reduce wiggle, making many lures unredeemable.

A strong and easy-to-tie loop like the Kreh is the solution.

The Krey is easier to tie than the Rapala, and it holds well in fluorocarbon.

How to tie the Non-Slip Loop Knot

  1. Begin six to seven inches from your tagline. Tie a simple overhand knot.
  2. Reduce it a little, but leave plenty of space.
  3. The tag end should be run through the eye of the lure.
  4. Then, run the tag end through the loop in the overhand. It should be on the same side as it left the overhand tie. This is crucial!
  5. You can use most of the slack at the tag end to pull the overhand knot tighter. But don’t tighten it!
  6. You will need to hold the overhand knot and the tag end between your thumb and finger. Loop the tag end around 5 times.
  7. Return the tag end through the loop in the overhand. Keep the same orientation as before This is crucial!
  8. Get married.
  9. Pull the tag and stand ends together to secure it.
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