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What is Kerr Lake?

Kerr Lake, also known as Dawson Creek Reservoir, is a man-made reservoir located in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. It is one of the largest reservoirs in North America, with a surface area of 1,811 square kilometres and a capacity of 3,000 cubic metres per second. The reservoir was created in 1955 by the flooding of Kerr Lake Creeks. Kerr Lake is located within the Canadian Rockies and is part of the Athabasca River system. Fishing for smallmouth bass, northern pike, lake trout, crappie and catfish are popular sports on Kerr Lake.

How to get to Kerr Lake?

Kerr Lake is located in the Stanislaus National Forest, about 60 miles east of Merced. The best way to get to the lake is by car.

There are a few ways to get to Kerr Lake from the town of Merced. One way is to take Highway 108 east, and then take County Road JT3 south. Another way is to take Highway 120 east, and then take County Road JT3 south.

If you are coming from the north, take Interstate 5 south, and then take Highway 120 east. If you are coming from the south, take Interstate 5 north, and then take Highway 108 east.

Once you arrive at Kerr Lake, there are several ways to get around the lake. You can rent a boat or canoe from one of the local outfitters, or you can hike or bike around it.

There are several campsites near Kerr Lake that you can use if you want to stay overnight. There are also several stores in Merced that you can visit if you need supplies while you’re at the lake.

The best times to fish at Kerr Lake

There are a few times of the year when Kerr Lake is at its best for fishing. The best time to fish Kerr Lake is during the early morning and late evening hours. During these times, the lake is most active withfish. Other good times to fish Kerr Lake are during the weekdays and on weekends.

What kind of fish can you catch at Kerr Lake?

Kerr Lake fishing guides can answer that question for you! The lake is full of different types of fish, so finding the one you’re looking for is a cinch. The most common catch are smallmouth bass, walleye and perch, but anglers can also expect to take in trout, catfish and crappie. Fishing at Kerr Lake is a great way to spend a day outdoors with friends or family, and the guides here will make sure you have a good time.

Tips for fishing at Kerr Lake

If you’re looking for some great fishing at Kerr Lake, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your trip.

First and foremost, know your water! It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific conditions at Kerr Lake, since weather can affect what types of fish are biting. Second, plan your route. By knowing where the good spots are, you’ll be able to cover more ground and find more fish. And finally, use fished-out areas as bait spots. Fish will often congregate near disturbed areas, so using these spots as baits can really bring in a haul.

Guide Service to Buggs Island

Buggs Island is a secluded destination that offers anglers a great opportunity to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass. Kerr Lake Fishing Guides offers guided fishing trips to the island, and can provide all the necessary gear and supplies for a successful fishing trip.

Guided fishing trips on Kerr Lake can be booked through the blog section of this website. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day on the water or an exciting challenge, our experienced guides will help you land a big fish.

Blues Brothers Guide Service, LLC

Kerr Lake is a large, beautiful reservoir located in the San Bernardino Mountains. It’s a great place to fish for largemouth and muskie. There are several good fishing spots located around the lake, but our favorite spot is the “Cave of the Winds” spot.
We offer guided fishing trips around Kerr Lake, and we’re the only guide service that operates out of a float plane! Our experienced guides know just where to find the big fish, and they can take you to some amazing spots no matter what type of fishing gear you’re using.
If you’re looking for a thrilling day out on the water, don’t miss out on our guided fishing trips around Kerr Lake!

Butch Arthur’s Fishing Guide Service

Butch Arthur’s Fishing Guide Service is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take advantage of Kerr Lake’s abundant fishing opportunities. Butch has over 20 years of experience guiding visitors to some of the best fishing spots in the area, and his skills are second to none. He is a knowledgeable guide who will make sure you have a great time while fishing Kerr Lake.

Draggin’ Balls Guide Service

Kerr Lake, located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, is a paradise for avid fishermen. The lake has an incredible array of fish species that can be caught with a variety of gear and techniques. With plenty of room to roam and plenty of fish to catch, Kerr Lake is the perfect place to take your fishing skills to the next level.
Here at Draggin’ Balls Guide Service, we’re experts at helping you catch the biggest and best fish on Kerr Lake. We provide top-notch gear and instruction so you can maximize your chances of success. Our guides are knowledgable and experienced, so they’ll help you find the right spots and tactics to get the biggest fish in town.
So come on down to Kerr Lake and let us show you how it’s done!


Kerr Lake is one of the most popular destinations in the state and it is also home to some of the best fishing in Oregon. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a fun day on the water or an experienced fisherman who wants to take your game to another level, there’s sure to be a guide out there that can suit your needs. Make sure to check out our selection of Kerr Lake Fishing Guides today!


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