When you’re out fishing, one of the most important things you can do is keep track of where your fish are. With a good fish finder, you’ll be able to pinpoint their location even in murky water. However, if you want to use your fish finder with a fuse box, you’re going to need some wiring help.

What is a wire fish finder and what does it do?

A wire fish finder is a type of fishing equipment that uses electric current to find fish in the water. They are usually worn on a person’s wrist or neck and send an electric signal through the water to a receiver, which then displays the location of any fish that is caught.

How to wire a fish finder to a fuse box?

If you own a fishing boat or use a fish finder to locate fish in open water, you’ll need to connect your unit to the boat’s fuse box. There are several ways to wire a fish finder, but this guide will show you how to connect a popular model using a fuse box.

First, locate the fuse box on your boat and identify the circuit that powers your fish finder. This can be done by looking at the boat’s wiring diagram or checking with an electrician. Once you know which circuit is powering your fish finder, remove the cover of the fuse box and locate the two wires that connect to your unit.

The black wire goes to the negative battery terminal and the white wire goes to the positive battery terminal. If your unit has an inline fuse, it will also have a red wire connected between these terminals. If your unit has a separate power cord, make sure it’s plugged into an appropriate outlet on your boat.

Next, remove the cover from your fish finder and locate the three screws that hold it in place. Carefully remove the cover and set it aside. Be sure to store any extra screws in a safe place so you can replace the cover when you

Warnings when wiring a fish finder

When wiring a fish finder to a fuse box, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the fish finder is properly grounded. Then, use the proper wire size for the fish finder and fuse box. Finally, make sure that the fuse box is properly protected by an appropriate breaker or circuit breaker.

Tips on how to use a wire fish finder

A wire fish finder is a great way to find fish in murky water. To use a wire fish finder, you first need to connect it to your fuse box. This is done by connecting the black wire to the black terminal on the fuse box and the white wire to the white terminal. Next, connect the red and green wires to the appropriate terminals on your fish finder. Finally, attach the antenna to your fish finder.


If you’re looking to add a fish finder to your tackle box, or if you’re looking to upgrade an older model, wiring a fish finder to a fuse box can be the perfect solution. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to wire your fish finder to a fuse box, and show you how it installs. If you’re ready to start fishing in style, make sure to check out our selection of fish finders and get started wiring yours today!