When you think about it, putting puffer fish in a bucket is a rather bizarre idea. But that’s exactly what one Japanese artist has done, and the results are absolutely fantastic. Take a look for yourself: The artist, who goes by the name Hironobu Furuya, has been creating surreal artwork for more than four decades. His latest project is called “Puffer Fish Bucket” and it features a series of acrylic paintings of puffer fish placed in buckets full of various liquids. From what we can see, the fish seem to be enjoying their unusual environment – but why? We don’t know for sure, but maybe it’s because Furuya is using familiar elements to create something completely new and unique. Or maybe it’s just because he’s a genius. Either way, we’re sure viewers will have plenty of fun exploring his work.

What is a puffer fish?

Puffer fish are a type of fish that can inflate their body to three times its normal size in order to escape danger. They use air sacs to store gas and then release it when they need to expand their bodies. Some people think that puffers are cute and some people think they are poisonous, but the truth is that nobody knows for sure how dangerous they really are.

How to put a puffer fish in a bucket?

Step One: Take the puffer fish out of its tank and place it in a bucket.

Step Two: Fill the bucket with water until it covers the puffer fish.

Step Three: Place a lid on the bucket and wait until the puffer fish floats to the top.

Step Four: Remove the lid and release the puffer fish into fresh water.

What are the benefits of putting a puffer fish in a bucket?

There are many benefits to putting a puffer fish in a bucket. These fish are natural escape artists, so they will enjoy being able to hide from you and other predators. Putting a puffer fish in a bucket will also provide it with some much-needed entertainment and peace of mind.

What to Do if You Find a Puffer Fish in Your Bucket?

  1. If you find a puffer fish in your bucket, do not release it back into the water!
  2. Gently remove the puffer fish from the bucket and place it in an aquarium or other suitable container.
  3. Give the fish plenty of fresh water and food until it is released back into the wild.

Prepare your aquarium

  • What you need:
  • A bucket (preferably one without a lid)
  • Puffer fish, either live or frozen (if using frozen puffer fish, thaw them out before using)
  • Aquarium water treated with chlorine or another disinfectant
  • Fish food pellets or flakes (a balanced diet for puffer fish should include algae, meat and vegetable ingredients)
  1. Fill the bucket half full of aquarium water. Add enough food pellets to cover the fish and stir well to distribute the pellets.
  2. Place the puffer fish in the bucket and carefully pour in enough of the aquarium water to cover them completely. You may want to fill up additional buckets as needed if there is worry about overflow.
  3. Secure the lid on the bucket and wait until your puffer fish are comfortable atop the floating food pellets. Be sure to check on them every few hours during this initial phase, as they may start feeding more frequently as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Add the puffer fish

Adding a puffer fish to your aquarium can be an exciting addition for those who love the aquatic world. Puffers are small, peaceful fish that live in warm climates and can be proficient jumpers. They make great community fish and are not known to be aggressive. When adding a puffer fish to your tank, it is important to first observe their natural habitat and make sure they will get along with other fish in your tank before adding them.

When introducing new fish into an aquarium, it is always best practice to do so gradually over a period of several days or weeks. This way you can ensure all the fish are getting used to each other before you add the new one. Once you have added the pufferfish, it is important to provide them with plenty of food and water; like all aquarium inhabitants, they require specific water quality levels for optimum health.

Feed the puffer fish

Feeding puffer fish in a bucket can be a fun way to keep them happy and healthy. Some suggestions for food include flakes, small pellets, or live food. Make sure the food is small enough that the fish can eat it quickly, and avoid giving them too much at once so they don’t get sick.

Clean the aquarium

Primarily, when caring for a puffer fish, one must be aware of the fact that they require plenty of swimming space and water rinses. Additionally, their diet should consist mostly of fresh vegetables and small pieces of meat. If the aquarium is not kept clean, toxins can build up in the water and affect your pufferfish negatively. To clean the aquarium:

  1. Fill a bucket with fresh water and place it next to the aquarium.
  2. Turn off all power to the aquarium and wait 10 minutes before opening it.
  3. Open all doors and windows to allow a thorough airing out of the tank.
  4. Remove as much furniture and decorations from the tank as possible so that you can see all of the fish inside (this will make cleaning much easier).
  5. Pour 1-2 gallons of clean water into the tank, making sure to get rid of any debris that has settled on the bottom during the week or months since last cleaning.
  6. Turn on power to the aquarium and wait 10 minutes before adding any fish or plants back into the tank…


Putting puffer fish in a bucket is a fun and easy way to enjoy their unique aquatic habit. Just be sure that you are prepared for the fish’s spooky appearance when they start jumping out of the bucket!