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How To Fish For Crappie Under Floating Boat Docks?

Fly Fishing For crappie

Fishing for crappie under floating boat docks is a great way to target these fish as they move around during different times of the year. It can be tricky though, so here are some tips on how to do it successfully. First, it’s important to understand that crappie like to hide in and around structure such as boat docks, logs or other heavy cover. So when fishing for them under a dock, you need to make sure you’re focusing your efforts in the right spots. You should also keep an eye out for areas with cooler water temperatures because this is where crappie like to hang out. Finally, when you cast your line into the water, pay attention and use different techniques until you find one that works best!

What You’ll Need?

In order to fish for crappie under floating boat docks, you will need a few supplies. A fishing rod and reel, bait, and a tackle box are essential. You may also want to bring along a bucket or cooler to store your catch in. A net can also be helpful for landing fish.

Getting Ready to Fish

If you’re targeting crappie that are hanging around floating boat docks, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare. First, you’ll need to choose the right tackle. A medium-light to medium action rod with 6-8 lb test line is a good choice. For bait, minnows or jigs work well.

Next, you’ll need to position your boat so that it’s parallel to the dock and close enough that you can cast your line under the dock. Once you’re in position, use a bobber to keep your bait at the desired depth. When you get a bite, be ready to set the hook!

What is crappie fishing?

Crappie fishing is a popular angling technique used to target Crappie, also known as Calico Bass or Sac-a-lait. This freshwater fish is often found in lakes, rivers, and streams across North America. When targeting Crappie, anglers typically use small jigs or minnows as bait and fish around structure such as docks, brush piles, or submerged trees.

While dock fishing can be effective for Crappie throughout the year, the springtime is often considered the best time to fish for them. As the water temperature begins to warm, Crappie will move into shallower water in search of food. This makes them easier to target around docks and other structure where they are likely to congregate.

When fishing for Crappie under docks, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, look for docks that have clear water beneath them – this will make it easier to see the fish. Second, use lighter tackle so you can feel the bites more easily. And finally, be patient – the bite can be slow at times, but it’s well worth it when you hook into a big one!

How to Fish for Crappie Under Floating Boat Docks?

Start by finding a dock that looks promising. Look for docks that have plenty of cover and structure, as these will be the best places for crappie to hide. Once you’ve found a good dock, it’s time to start fishing!

One of the best baits for fishing under docks is a minnow. Minnows imitate the small fish that crappie like to eat, so they’re very effective at attracting bites. Another good bait option is a jig. Jigs can be worked in a variety of ways to mimic different types of prey, making them versatile and effective lures for crappie fishing.

When fishing under docks, it’s important to use light line. Heavy line will spook fish and make it more difficult to get bites. Use 6-8 lb test line for best results.

Crappie are most active in the early morning and late evening, so those are the best times to fish for them. During the day, they tend to stay hidden in the shade of the dock, so you’ll need to fish deep to reach them. Fishing deep also means using heavier weights or sinkers to get your bait down where the fish are biting.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master at catching crappie under floating boat docks!

The best time of day to fish for crappie

The best time of day to fish for crappie under floating boat docks is early in the morning, before the sun gets too high in the sky. The dock will provide shade and keep the water cool, which the crappie will prefer. Look for areas where the dock is close to deep water, as the crappie will be congregating there. Use small jigs or minnows as bait, and fish slowly and patiently for best results.

The best bait for crappie fishing

The best bait for crappie fishing under floating boat docks is live minnows. Minnows are small fish that are commonly used as bait for larger fish. They are easy to find and catch, and they stay alive for a long time in a bait bucket. You can also use artificial lures that look like minnows, such as plastic swimbaits or crankbaits.

How to fish under floating boat docks?

If you’re targeting crappie, fishing under floating boat docks can be a great option. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Look for areas with lots of cover and structure. Crappie tend to congregate in areas with plenty of places to hide and ambush their prey.
  2. Use live bait. Minnows are a good choice for crappie, as they’re one of their favorite foods.
  3. Position your boat so that you can cast your line under the dock. You may need to position yourself in the water so that you can reach the areas where the fish are hiding.
  4. Be patient and wait for a bite. Crappie aren’t always actively feeding, so it can take some time to get a bite. But when you finally do, it’s sure to be worth the wait!


As the days get warmer and the water temperatures rise, many anglers begin to think about fishing for crappie under floating boat docks. While this can be a great way to catch these tasty fish, there are a few things you need to know in order to be successful.

Here are a few tips for fishing for crappie under floating boat docks:

  1. Look for areas where the dock is shading the water. Crappie tend to congregate in these cooler areas.
  2. Use small jigs or minnows as bait. Both of these are popular options among crappie fishermen.
  3. Work your way around the dock, casting into different areas until you find where the fish are biting.
  4. Be patient! Sometimes it can take a while to find the fish, but when you do they’ll be worth the wait.

Tips for Crappie Fishing

If you’re fishing for crappie under floating boat docks, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success. First, use smaller lures or baitfish since crappie tend to be more cautious when around docks. Second, try fishing early in the morning or late in the evening when the dock is in shade and the fish are more likely to be active. Finally, be patient and wait for the fish to bite; don’t try to move too much and scare them away.


Fishing for crappie under floating boat docks can be a great way to target these tasty fish. With the right gear, techniques, and knowledge of where to look, you’ll have success in no time. Remember that patience is key when fishing for crappie. Taking your time and focusing on finding the areas where they may be hiding will result in more successful trips out on the water. We hope our tips have helped you catch some big crappie from beneath those docks!

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