Experienced walleye anglers know just how effective live bait can be, and whether you prefer nightcrawlers, leeches, or minnows, the right rig makes all the difference. A good walleye rig is more than a slip sinker and hook, however, and to get the most from your time on the water, you’ll need to think [...]

  Plenty of catmen swear that the best bait for catfish is nothing more complicated than a box of old chicken livers, and years of experience has proven that they’re not wrong! But if you want to improve your odds, increase your catch, or land some brute blues, chicken liver is probably not your best [...]

  Fish aren’t just nutritious, providing essential protein as well as heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. They’re delicious, easy to clean, and simple to prepare, too. And as most anglers already know, there are a variety of freshwater fish that make a welcome addition to any table. We’d like to discuss a few of our favorites [...]

  There are lots of good reasons to give flies a chance on your spinning rod. You may be traveling and only have room for one rod. You might not have mastered the art of fly casting--or might not care to! It may be that you have a nagging shoulder injury that makes fly casting [...]

  From icy mountain streams in Colorado to lazy rivers in Arkansas, trout anglers take to the water with waders and fly tackle, looking to land a big one. But to access the water, nothing is as effective as the best wader. Brush-busting, waterproof, and goat-footed on slippery rocks, good waders are essential fly angling [...]

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  Whether you chase slabs with minnows, toss shad to big cats, or throw shrimp to reds, you know that hot weather and live bait don’t mix. And to keep your expensive or hard-won bait at its best, you need a the best bait bucket that can provide hours--perhaps even days--of cool, aerated water. Unfortunately, [...]

  I’ve never gone fishing and not needed a knife. From line to rope, cutting bait to cleaning fish, a knife is essential gear for an angler, and indeed, any outdoorsmen. And whether you fish, hunt, camp, or hike, a good blade is a trusted companion and a thoroughly useful tool. In this article, I’ll [...]

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