Spring is in the air, and for many anglers, that means one thing: crappie fishing! As you gear up for the start of crappie season or re-assess your tackle after a few trips to the water, you might be wondering about the best crappie rod and reel combos designed specifically for slab-hunting. Combos are [...]

  Water temperature triggers every species of fish to spawn, and bluegill are no exception. But because they’re so broadly distributed--and voracious enough to thrive where they’ve found a new home--timing the bluegill spawn is never as simple as marking a calendar. Instead, predicting the spawn is a matter of careful measurement, and by knowing [...]

  Fishing lake trout through the ice is a winter staple for anglers in the northern US and Canada, and these big fish offer heart-pounding opportunities throughout the coldest, darkest months. Ice-out frightens or frustrates a lot of less-experienced anglers, though, as the more or less consistently cold water gives lakers a lot of room [...]

  If you’re an avid kayak angler, or know and love one, you probably know that there’s a lot more to kayak fishing than a boat, a rod, and a reel. From gear that can keep you or a loved one safe, to electronics that locate fish, to carts designed to make transporting a heavy [...]

  Plenty of anglers don’t have the space to store a big kayak or the vehicle needed to transport one. And whether you live in a small apartment, drive an economical car, or just aren’t sure that you can handle the weight and encumbrance of a hard shell, an inflatable might be just the thing [...]

  Inshore fishing from a kayak is some of the most exciting angling you’ll ever find. And whether that’s standing tall while hunting reds in a salt marsh or fighting a shark beyond the breakers, big water will put your ‘yak to the test. You’ll need unmatched stability and seaworthiness, the best storage options, and [...]

  If you find yourself struggling to bring all your gear from your vehicle to the water, you probably need a fishing cart. Designed around the needs of anglers, a good fishing cart can bear the burden of a full cooler, a few chairs, and all your tackle and bait. Ideal for anglers who fish [...]

  Braided line offers unique strengths that make it the go-to choice for legions of anglers in both fresh- and saltwater. Immensely strong for their diameter, you can pack a lot of braid onto a reel. That allows you to either increase the test of your line by quite a bit while still spooling on [...]

  When the trout are rising to take mayflies from the surface and each cast could mean a beauty, taking time out to re-tie a leader is the last thing you want to do. A Loop to Loop Knot solves this problem. Tieable in a second or two, this knot allows you to attach the [...]

  Many anglers discover the hard way that a snug knot is often a poor choice for direct connection to lures. By design, snug knots will stifle action and suppress wiggle, deadening many lures beyond redemption. The solution is a strong, easy-to-tie loop knot like the Kreh. Easier to tie than the Rapala knot, the [...]