Ever wondered when the best time to catch catfish is? Well, wonder no more! In this post, we will breakdown each season and tell you when the best time to catch catfish is. From spring to fall, there’s a time for catching catfish no matter where you are in the country. So if you’re looking to get into the fishing pantry this year, start stocking up now so that you can get in on the action come springtime!

Season-by-Season Breakdown: Best Times to Catch Catfish

There are dozens of factors that can affect when and where you’ll catch catfish in any given season, but these are the five best times to target them based on temperature and water conditions:

  1. Spring: Warm weather coincides with high water temperatures, making this the best time of year to catch catfish.
  2. Summer: The warm weather and abundance of food sources make summer the prime season for fishing for catfish.
  3. Fall: The cooler temperatures favor slower-moving catfish, making this the ideal time to target them in your favorite spots.
  4. Winter: Catfish spend winter hiding beneath rocks or vegetation, so you’ll need to use creative methods such as lures and live bait to bring them in close to shore.
  5. Spring & Fall Combined: This is the optimal time to fish for both shallow and deep-water species, as they will be feeding at different times during these seasons.


Spring is a great time to catch catfish. Here are season-by-season breakdowns of when to catch catfish in each region:

Region 1: April – May
Region 2: June – July
Region 3: August – September
Region 4: October – November
Region 5: December – January


When fishing for catfish in the summertime, it is important to know when the best times are to fish. The following is a season-by-season breakdown of when the best time to catch catfish is.

Summer: June through August

In the summertime, the best time to catch catfish is from June through August. This is because during this period, there are more hours of daylight than at any other time of year. This allows anglers to spend more time out on the water catching their prey. Additionally, temperatures in the summertime are usually milder than they are in other seasons, which makes fishing more comfortable.

Fall: September through November

Another good time to catch catfish in the summertime is from September through November. This is because during this period, temperatures tend to be cooler than they are in the summer and there is less chance of rain making conditions unfavorable for fishing. Additionally, during this time of year there are usually fewer people out on the water, giving you an advantage over other anglers.

Winter: December through February

The last good time to catch catfish in the summertime is from December through February. This is because during this period, temperatures tend to be colder than they are in other seasons and there is a greater chance of rain making conditions unfavorable for fishing. Additionally, during this time of year there are usually more people out on the water, giving you a smaller advantage over other ang


When it comes to catching catfish, the fall is definitely the time to do it. Not only are there more fish available, but the weather conditions are also perfect for fishing. Here’s a breakdown of when each season is best for catching catfish:

  • Summer: The summertime is typically the busiest time for catching catfish, as they are searching for food. However, this isn’t always the case – sometimes they will be feeding on plankton or small fish. Regardless, this is not the best time to try and hook one!
  • Fall: The fall is traditionally when most catfish are caught in fresh water reservoirs, rivers and streams. This is because they are looking for food that has already been preyed on by other creatures such as birds or other fish. Additionally, this is usually when the weather conditions are perfect for fishing – cool mornings and evenings with little wind.
  • Winter: While winter may not be considered the prime season for catching catfish by some people, it can actually be quite successful if you know what you’re doing. Typically, colder temperatures slow down their movements which makes them easier to catch. In addition, frozen water offers better footing for anglers so they don’t lose their grip on their rod tip during a fight with a big fish.


When it comes to catching catfish, there is no one definitive answer. However, based on personal experience and the opinions of other anglers, here are five general tips for catching catfish in winter:

  1. Catch smaller fish first. Catfish tend to feed on smaller fish first, so start your netting efforts with these smaller targets.
  2. Get creative. There’s no need to limit yourself to traditional fishing methods when it comes to catching catfish in winter – try using live bait or lures that mimic food sources such as worms, crawfish, or small baits.
  3. Channel your inner hunter-gatherer. Sometimes all you need is a good spot and some patience – don’t forget that even frozen water can provide excellent habitat for catfish.
  4. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast. Knowing what conditions are likely to prevail at any given time can help determine where and when to fish for catfish.
  5. Strike while the iron is hot! The colder it gets, the more activity (and thus prey) will be present in the waterway, making it easier for you to land a big catch.

Last Thoughts

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the best time of year to catch catfish, as fishing conditions can vary quite a bit from one area to the next. However, based on data from across the U.S., here are three general times of the year when catching catfish is at its best:

  • Springtime: The water temperature is warmer, which makes for more comfortable fishing conditions for both anglers and fish. There is also a greater abundance of prey around, providing plenty of opportunities for anglers to land a big catch.
  • Summertime: The weather is typically hot and sunny, making it an ideal time to take advantage of the ample pool and river habitats that are perfect for catfishing. And since there’s so much activity going on in these waters, anglers have a better chance of finding themselves with a big fish on their line.
  • Fall: Many anglers believe that fall is especially good time to catch catfish because the water temperatures start to cool down enough so that the fish can find shelter in deeper spots. This makes for easier catches as well as bigger ones – something that definitely appeals to many fishermen out there!

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