Best Penn Reel For Bass

Bass fishing is the most popular form of fishing in the US. You need the right equipment to catch bass. While fishing gear is versatile, it can also be tailored to specific styles or types of fishing.

The most important piece of fishing gear to catch bass or any other fish is the “Battle Hook”Your fishing reel. A fishing rod is useless without a reel. It takes knowledge to find the right bass fishing reel. We’ll help you make your decision easier by breaking down the best bass fishing reels. You will first need to decide between a spinning or baitcasting reel.

The Best Spinning Reels for Bass

This is a great choice for anglers who like spinning gear and beginners. Spinning reels are easy to use and do wonders for catching bass. Find the right spinning reel for you by looking at the top-rated ones for bass.

Penn Battle II Spinning Reel

The Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is one of the best spinning reels for bass and in general. The Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is a reliable and well-respected brand. It’s also very affordable. This reel is saltwater-safe and can be used for fishing for freshwater or sea bass. The Penn Battle II features a full metal body, side plate, and rotor as well as an aluminum bail wire.

The reel features an HT-100 carbon fiber drag system that provides smooth, but strong drag force. The Penn Battle II’s retrieve is fluid with five ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing. The super line spool can be braided and does not require backing. You can also see how much line is remaining on the spool thanks to capacity rings.

There are 8 sizes of the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel, ranging from 1000 to 8000. We recommend the 1000- to 4000 models for bass fishing. This depends on how big the bass is, what style you fish, the environment, and other factors.

Penn Battle II 2500 Spinning Specs

  • Gear Ratio: 6.2.1
  • Line Capacity (lb/yds: 255/6/, 175/8/140/10 (Mono), and 240/10/230/15 160/20 (Braided).
  • Line Retrieve: 30′
  • Bearings: 5+1
  • Maximum Drag: 12 lbs

KastKing Summer and Centron Spinning Reels

The Centron Spinning Reels and KastKing Summer are incredible value for money, especially when you consider the quality of these reels. This is the reel for you if you are looking for a great spinning reel on a tight budget. These reels are light and have a narrow graphite-based design that saves space and weight. This reel is light but powerful. It has a precision-machined pinion gear that allows for fish fighting power.

KastKing Summer/Centron Reels have 9 ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing. The frame is resistant to corrosion and has a unique handle that can be used right or left.

There are sizes for the Centron Spinning Reels and KastKing Summer available, ranging from 500 up to 5000. For bass fishing, we recommend mid-range reels like the 3000. However, your size can be customized to suit your needs.

KastKing Summer and Centron3000 Spinning Reel Specifics:

  • Gear Ratio: 5.2.1
  • Line Capacity: 8/330 and 10/270
  • Line Retrieve: 25.2′
  • Bearings: 9+1
  • Maximum Drag: 13 lbs

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

Daiwa is another high-end fishing brand that focuses on innovation and quality. Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is a superb choice for catching bass. The reel features a black anodized aluminum housing and a waterproof drag system. It also has a braided line-ready aluminum ABS spool. This reel is suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is capable of super smooth casting. It has 6 ball bearings as well as 1 anti-reverse bearing. The Digigear is larger, providing smoother and longer gear life and more power and torque.

There are ten sizes of the Daiwa BG Spinning Reel, ranging from 1500 to 8000. A mid-size reel for bass fishing is the best option unless you are targeting large bass. The drag maximum of the 3000 model is 15.4 lbs. This is more than most bass.

Daiwa BG 3000 Spinning Reel Specs:

  • Gear Ratio: 5.8:1
  • Line Capacity: 8/240 (Mono), 10/200 (Mono), 15/280 (Mono), 20/240 (Braid), 30/190 (Braid),
  • Line Retrieve 37.4″
  • Bearings 6+1
  • Maximum Drag: 15.4 lbs

Shimano Stradic HG

Shimano reels and fishing gear are trusted brands. The Shimano Stradic HD is a top-quality reel for bass fishing. This reel features X-Ship technology for increased durability and reduced friction between gear and spool shaft. The Shimano Stradic HD makes casting easier and lasts longer thanks to its high-tech elements.

Fluidrive II line management system and Dyna-Balance rotor are included. This reel is lightweight, so it won’t feel heavy even after a long day of fishing. It features 6 ball bearings as well as a roller bearing to prevent reverse.

Five sizes of the Shimano Stradic-HG are available, ranging in size from 1000 to 5000. You can choose the right size depending on your location and the type of bass you are targeting.

Shimano Stradic HG 2500 Specs:

  • Gear Ratio: 6.0:1
  • Line Capacity: 6/200, 8/140, 10/120 Mono, 10/120 (Mono ), 10/150, 15/145, 30/100
  • Line Retrieve: 35
  • Bearings 6+1
  • Maximum Drag: 20 lbs

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

The all-around top-rated Pflueger President spinning reel is the best. The rotor and body are made of graphite, making them lightweight. Extra smooth casting is possible with ten corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings. Braided ready, the spool does not require backing. Pflueger President spinning reels are also very affordable, especially when you consider their quality.

This reel features a sealed drag system with sealed drag washers. They are always lubricated, and they are smooth. Slow oscillation gearing in the President by Pflueger improves line lay and reduces line twists.

There are five sizes of the Pflueger President Spinning Reel, ranging from 20 to 40. All sizes would catch bass well. For smaller bass, lighter models work better. The model size 40 is for trophy-sized fighting fish.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel 25 Specs:

  • Gear Ratio: 5.2.1
  • Line Capacity: 220/2. 110/4. 90/6 (Mono), 205.25, 140/6, 110/8, 110/8 (Braid), 200/5. 110/6, 130/6 (Mono), 110/6 (Mono), 110/6 (Braid), 200/5. 110/6, 140/6, 110/8 (Braid).
  • Line Retrieve 22.4″
  • Bearings:10

The Best Baitcasting Reels For Bass

There are many great options for those who prefer baitcasting reels. To find the best bass baitcasters, check out our top picks.

KastKing Royale Legend/White cast low profile Baitcasting Fishing Rael

The KastKing Royale Legend/White cast low-profile baitcasting reels are another great choice for bass anglers. Each reel’s low-profile design allows for fast retrieval and is extremely lightweight. KastKing Royale Legend reels and White cast Low Profile reels feature brass gear structures and carbon fiber drag systems that provide durable drag strengths.

These reels feature 11 shielded, corrosion-resistant ball bearings and one roller bearing. These baitcasters feature state-of-the-art dual brakes with magnetic and centrifugal braking systems for excellent control. This reel is both high-quality and extremely affordable.

Both reels can be used for bass fishing. The Royale Legend was designed for bass fishing. The White cast Low Profile is more powerful and can be used to present heavy baits such as crankbaits or swimbaits for the bass. The Royale Legend is recommended for general bass fishing. For big bass fishing, the White cast Low Profile Baitcaster is recommended.

KastKing Royale Legend Specs:

  • Gear Ratio: 7.0:1
  • Line Capacity: 10/125, 12/100, 15/85(Mono), 40/125, 50/100, 65/85 (Braid),
  • Line Retrieved: 26
  • Bearings:11 + 1
  • Maximum Drag: 17.6 lbs

Abu Garcia BMax3 Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia is a well-known brand known for its high-quality fishing gear and reels. Abu Garcia’s BMax3 Low Profile Baitcaster, one of the best reels in their range, is highly rated for bass fishing. The lightweight design of this reel features a graphite frame and side plates. This reel can be held for hours because it has a compact bent handle with a recessed reel.

For smooth casting and less tangling, the Abu Garcia BMax 3 Low Profile Baitcasting Reel features 4 stainless steel ball bearings with one roller bearing. This reel is lightweight but powerful thanks to its Power Disk drag system. For improved control, the Abu Garcia BMax features a magnetic MagTrax braking mechanism.

The BMax3 is available in one size. This makes it ideal for bass fishing and you don’t need to decide which size. This reel is lightweight at only 7.3 ounces so it won’t cause you to feel weighed down while fishing for long hours.

Abu Garcia BMax3 Low Profile Baitcasting Role Specs

  • Gear Ratio: 6.4%
  • Line Capacity: 140/30 (Braid), 145/12 (Mono),
  • Line Retrieved: 26
  • Bearings: 4 + 1
  • Max Drag: 18 lbs

Shimano Curado K Baitcast Reel

Shimano makes a variety of reels. However, the Shimano Curado K Baitcast Reel is the best Shimano baitcasting reel for bass. This reel is tournament-tough, reliable, and long-lasting. This reel can be used for either freshwater or saltwater fishing and it is designed for bass fishing. It is made using Shimano’s Ci4+ technology. This gives it a lighter, but stronger graphite structure.

The Micro Module Gear system allows for smoother retrieval and a more efficient gear train. SVS Infinity controls provide a consistent and easy-to-manage spool control as well as brake force. Shimano Curado K Baitcast Reel features 6 ball bearings as well as one roller bearing. All have been specially treated to resist corrosion.

Although there are several sizes to the Shimano Curado K Baitcast Reel available, they all look very similar. Although the models are slightly different in terms of line retrieve or gear ratio, they all work well for bass fishing.

Shimano Curado K 200HGK Baitcast Reel Specs:

  • Gear Ratio 7.4:1
  • Line Capacity: 8/180 (Mono), 10/155 (Mono), 14/110 (Mono), 30-190, 50/120 (Braid), 65/80 (Braid),
  • Line Retrieved: 31″
  • Bearings: 6 + 1.
  • Max Drag: 11 lbs

Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel is a great choice for bass fishing. It is extremely lightweight thanks to its ultra-low profile frame. The spool is made of aluminum and features brass gear and a crankshaft. The Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel is light but extremely durable in design.

An externally controlled dual-cast brake system allows for smooth casting. Carbon fiber drag systems can provide up to 20 pounds of drag force. Double shielding ensures that your retrieve will be smooth and lasts a long time.

This Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Reel is available in one size. It is perfect for bass fishing. This reel is durable, high-quality, and inexpensive, making it a solid investment.

Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool Baitcast Spool Reel Specs

  • Gear Ratio: 7.5%
  • Line Capacity: 12/110
  • Line Retrieve: 30
  • Bearings: 10 + 1.
  • Maximum Drag: 20 lbs

Fish drops Ultra Smooth Baitcasting Reel

Fishdrops’ Ultra Smooth Baitcasting reel is made using Korean fishing technology. The reel is popular with bass anglers because of its quality components and high performance. This reel has a dual brake system that utilizes magnetic and centrifugal to provide maximum control and precision.

Fish drops Ultra Smooth Baitcasting Reel has 18 ball bearings and an anti-reverse system to ensure smooth casting and retrieval. The handle and spool are made from machined aluminum. It is extra light because the body of the reel has high-strength nylon and fiberglass. It can be used in freshwater or saltwater.

Fish drops Ultra Smooth Baitcasting Reel is available in one size, which is perfect for bass fishing. It is fast and smooth to retrieve.

Fish drops Ultra Smooth Baitcasting Roel Specifics:

  • Gear Ratio: 7.0:1
  • Line Capacity: 9/140 (Mono), 11/120 (Mono), 13/110(Mono)
  • Bearings: 17 + 1.
  • Maximum Drag: 12 lbs

How To Choose Bass Fishing Reels

It can be difficult to choose the right fishing reel. Many anglers, whether they are beginners or experts, don’t know what a reel is. When choosing a fishing rod, there are several important factors to take into consideration.

You choose your style of fishing and the fish you want to catch. There are many styles and types of bass you can catch and different places where they can be caught. This will all impact your choice of the reel or other fishing gear. When choosing your bass fishing reel, consider the following.

Spinning vs. Baitcasting Reels

The first major decision you should make when purchasing a reel is whether you want a spinning reel or a baitcasting reel. You should make sure that you buy the same style if you already own a bass fishing rod.

There are benefits to both spinning and baitcasting reels. Because spinning reels are easy to use, they are popular among beginners. Although they are more difficult to use, professionals often prefer baitcasting reels.

If you are using lighter lines and casting short distances, spinning reels will be the best choice. However, even though this rule is still applicable, spinning technology has advanced greatly and many spinning reels can cast long distances using braided lines. For finesse fishing, use a spinning reel.

Baitcasting reels are more flexible and allow for greater casting distances, better control, and less backlash. They are generally stronger and can be used to power fish, fight larger bass and offer a wide range of line options.

Drag Strength

Drag strength is the ability of a reel to pull in enough weight without causing damage. Low drag reels are more susceptible to breaking under pressure, or when dealing with large, tough bass. Drag strength should equal the weight of the fish that you are targeting. If you add the weight of your tackle, it will be greater.

Reels with a larger diameter tend to have greater drag strengths. If you feel you require more drag, you can increase the size of your reel. Their average weight depends on the type of bass they are looking for. However, record-breaking largemouth bass can weigh above 20 pounds.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio refers to how many times your reel must be turned to retrieve your line. This is the number of turns your reel gets for each rotation of its handle. A gear ratio of 4 would indicate that the spool rotates four times for each handle rotation.

Higher gear ratios mean you can reel in your catch quicker. While this can be a benefit, it doesn’t always mean the best. For reeling in fighting fish, lower gear ratios will result in better torque per turn.

You can choose your gear ratio based upon the size and fight you want to catch the fish or go for something in the middle (think 4-6:1) to make a versatile reel.


It is important to think about the construction of your reel. How many materials were used to make the reel? What materials were used to make the reel? Was it made of body metal, graphite, or a carbon-carbon hybrid? Your reel must be made from corrosion-resistant materials such as aluminum, which can withstand harsh saltwater conditions if you are fishing for saltwater bass.

Graphite is lighter and stronger than aluminum. You can combine the best parts of different reels.

Line Capacity

Line capacity refers to the number of lines that you can fit onto your spool. The type of line you use and how large your line is will affect the line capacity. However, most reels provide an estimate of how many lines they can hold. Long casting is a common aspect of bass fishing. It’s therefore important to have enough lines for each day. Bass are often found in heavy cover areas, which can cause lines to break or snag. You should be ready with enough line to cast again in these cases.

For more line capacity, you should invest in a bigger reel if you are certain you will be casting long distances or need more lines. If you don’t believe you will need a large line capacity, you can choose a reel that has a smaller capacity. You can also see how many lines you have left on many reels by looking at the rings.

A second consideration is the readiness of your reel to braid. Braided lines cannot be added to reels that do not have the backing. A braided line is best spooled on a reel that has backing.

Ball Bearings

Your reel will cast smoothly and can be retrieved easily with ball bearings. Different reels have different numbers of ball bearings. Some add more to reduce friction while others keep to 3 or 4. When it comes to ball bearings, quality is more important than quantity. A high quantity of brass bearings will not perform as well as stainless steel or corrosion-resistant shielded ball bearings.


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