Anglers who are dedicated to fishing know that even bad weather can bring out the best in them. This is possible with the best rain gear available for fishing

To make the most out of the front’s potential action, you will need to wear outerwear that can shed water, block wind, and wick sweat.

A quick look at the top rain gear for fishing:

  • Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho- The Best Hot Weather Rain Gear
  • Navis Marine Fishing Rain Jacket & Bibs – The Best Budget Rain Gear
  • Bass Pro Shops 200MPH Goretex Rain Jacket and Bibs – Most Waterproof and Breathable Rain Gear
  • Hodgman Storm Shell Jacket and Bibs H5 Storm Shell Jacket and Storm Bibs – The Most Durable Rain Gear
  • Frogg Toggs Pilot II Guide: Best Cold Weather Rain Gear
  • Grundens Dark and Stormy Fishing Jacket

Review of the Best Rain Gear for Fishing

Foxelli Hooded Rain PonchoThe Best Rain Gear for Hot Weather

Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho - Waterproof Emergency Raincoat for Adult Men & Women

Material Coated polyester

Waterproof rating completely waterproof

Breathability None

Foxelli’s hooded rain poncho is an excellent choice for hot climates where a full-on rain suit would be too hot.

It’s made from durable, coated polyester and is waterproof, but not breathable. It’s suitable for its intended purpose and climate. I would not recommend it. This is rain gear for colder weather accumulation of sweat can pose a danger.

This poncho is a great choice if you are chasing reds in Florida’s salt marshes or Sac-a-lait Louisiana’s steamy bayous. It measures 95 inches in length and 55 inches in width. This poncho will reach mid-calf for most anglers. The poncho’s design offers plenty of space for fighting and casting, which is a benefit.

These ponchos come in many colors and can be packed into a small bag measuring 3.5×9 inches. They weigh only 11 ounces. This is great because you can keep a few in your boat, one under your car seat, and one in your tackle bag.

This is an excellent choice for warm climates and subtropical temperatures.


  • Amazing price
  • Fully waterproof
  • Plenty of space available for fishing
  • Small packs
  • Very light


  • It’s not breathable!
  • Only for extremely warm weather

Navis Marine Fishing Rain Jacket & BibsThe Best Fishing Rain Gear for Tight Budgets

Hunting Rain Suits for men Waterproof Jacket with Bib Pants Overall Seam Taped(Black, Large)

Material Coated nylon with mesh lining

Waterproof rating 12,000 mm

Breathability Yes.–rating not published

Navis Marine was founded to keep sailors dry. Their rain gear for fishermen is the equally up-to-the task.

Navis claims this nylon-mesh combination is strong and waterproof up to 12,000mm. This is a substantial claim. We’d prefer if they would reveal the material composition and coating of this suit. However, in real life, there are no complaints about waterproofness and breathability. This suit will keep you dry and warm in the cold if you layer correctly underneath.

Navis’ rain gear has a lot to love. We appreciate the attention to detail. You can also have adjustable wrist, ankle, and waist closures that seal out rain and wind-blown spray. This is a nice addition and we are sure you will appreciate it at this price point.

The suit weighs in at 2.2 pounds and is easy to transport.

It’s a snug-fitting jacket, so it can be worn with layers underneath.

Overall, we love this fishing rain gear. If you have a tight budget, it may be the best choice.


  • Amazing price
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Very light
  • Excellent adjustable closures


  • It is not as efficient as high-tech options such as eVent and Gore-Tex.
  • Casting is OK, but not ideal

Bass Pro Shops 200MPH Goretex Rain Jacket and BibsMost water-resistant and breathable fishing rain gear

Material Nylon shell and lining/Goretex Pro mid-layer

Waterproof rating 28,000 mm

Breathability 25,000g/m2/24hr

The 200 MPH jacket from Bass Pro and the bib provides serious protection against wet weather. These jackets and bibs are not inexpensive, but they will protect you from the rain in the most severe storms.

Bass Pro is constructed using a 3-layer construction. It consists of a waterproof layer made of Gore-Tex Pro sandwiched between a DWR-coated nylon face layer and a Gore Micro Grid backing. This fabric is durable, lightweight, and superior to all other fabrics in terms of waterproofness and breathability.

Seriously, Gore-Tex Pro is so good.

This separately-purchased outerwear has adjustable closures at your neck, ankle, and waist. It will keep you dry even in the most severe conditions. The seams are all sealed and the waterproof rating of 28,000mm will keep you dry even if you have to swim. It also has an unmatched breathability rating. This suit is so comfortable you could literally jog in it can still keep you dry and sweat-free without compromising its ability to do so.

Some people might not like the fact that the adjustable hood has flap closures that can block peripheral sight when opened. It all depends on your opinion about the issue.

Bass Pro rain gear is great for breathability. This rain gear is made for outdoor enthusiasts and offers plenty of space to cast and fight.

It’s best to layer underneath this gear in cold weather.

Although the jacket and bib can only be ordered in a crimson/black color scheme, they will still get you noticed in an emergency.


  • Extremely waterproof
  • Extremely breathable
  • Excellent adjustable closures
  • Fishing is very easy


  • Expensive
  • Peripheral vision may be affected by face flaps

Hodgman Storm Shell Jacket and Bibs H5 Storm Shell Jacket by HodgmanThe most durable fishing rain gear

Hodgman Men's h5 Storm Bib, Digi Camo/Charcoal, Large

Material Polyester shell and lining/VeTecH mid-layer

Waterproof rating 20,000 mm

Breathability Yes, the rating was not reported

The Hodgman H5 Storm jacket with bibs and bibs is serious outdoor gear. When properly layered, they’ll keep you as dry and warm as you would be sitting in your living room, watching Bill Dance.

These high-tech garments can be purchased separately and are almost indestructible. They’re made with 500 Denier Cordura nylon where it will see wear and abuse. Hodgman uses a three-layer construction with its proprietary ePTFE V-TecH waterproof layer. It’s rated at 20,000mm and can withstand rain, snow, sleet, and hail, as well as keeping you dry.

V-Tech’s breathability rating was not available to us. However, we are confident it is in the 10,000-15,000 range, based on its competition. While V-TecH may not be as good as the Bass Pro option in terms of breathability, it is still better than the Bass Pro.

Velcro cuffs with drawstring waist and ankle closures, as well as a nose and face guard, keep the rain out and trap body heat. You can expect fully taped seams throughout.

In cold weather, layering is essential. Hodgman designed this outerwear to help you do just that. Hodgman’s target market was anglers, so they created what they called a “R.O.M.” (or a Range Of Motion) that will keep you comfortable while casting and fighting.

You can choose from camouflage or gray color scheme. If safety is your priority, you should look elsewhere. The Hodgman H5 jacket & bib are great options if you want the toughest stuff.


  • Extremely waterproof
  • Very breathable
  • Excellent adjustable closures
  • Fishing is very easy
  • Extremely tough


  • Expensive
  • Camouflage and grey are very low-visibility

Frogg Toggs Pilot II GuideThe Best Cold Weather Fishing Rain Gear

FROGG TOGGS Men's Pilot II Guide Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket, Blackout, Medium

Material Polyester shell and lining/VeTecH mid-layer

Waterproof rating> 15,000 mm

Breathable> 10,000g/m2/24hr

Frogg Toggs Pilot II Guide fishing rain gear provides waterproof protection and is more durable than other options like the Hodgman and Bass Pro. The Pilot II is available with an extra zip-in puffy jacket that can withstand extreme weather conditions and keep you dry and warm.

Frogg Toggs constructs this outerwear using a 3-layer construction and their DriPore Gen 2 waterproof fabric. The ePTFE is protected by soft micro fabric interiors and a DWR-coated face layer.

While not as durable as Gore-Tex Pro Pro, this material can withstand even the most severe rains while still allowing for good breathability. You will need to exercise very hard in this rain gear to drain the moisture. However, if you are hiking or rowing, it should still be able to withstand heavy use.

Fully lined seams are standard and there will be adjustable closures at your wrist, waist, and ankle. You’ll have plenty of space for casting, as the design is oriented around hunting and fishing.

The Pilot II is available in many colors, from high-visibility to camouflage. This is a great choice for fishermen who prefer to fish in low temperatures but still expect rain.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Extremely waterproof
  • The available zip-in liner is very warm
  • Excellent adjustable closures
  • Fishing is very easy


  • This fabric can withstand heavy exercise, which may reduce its breathability.

Grundens Dark and Stormy Fishing Jacket

Grundens Men's Dark and Stormy Fishing Jacket, Black - Large

Material Polyester shell and lining/eVent dValpine mid layer

Waterproof rating 20,000 mm

Breathable 20,000g/m2/24hr

Grunden’s Dark & Stormy jacket and the bib are excellent options for anglers who want an alternative to Bass Pro 200 MPH gear. This jacket and bib are a supplier for professional fishermen who face the most severe conditions in the sea. You can trust them to keep you warm and dry.

Grundens uses the traditional 3-layer construction for this outerwear. It is made from polyester treated with a DWR on its face, a mid-layer containing outstanding e-Vent DValpine, and a bottom layer of soft Polyester. This fabric is durable and waterproof, which can keep you dry even in cold weather. It is also very breathable, although not as breathable as the Gore-Tex Pro. This allows sweat to wick into it even when you work hard.

You can expect fully sealed seams and adjustable closures. There is also a fold-away jacket design and a wind skirt underneath. This is a great feature, especially for windy days and when you are running a boat during a storm.

The sizing is right for anglers. There’s ample space to cast and the size you need to layer underneath. You won’t find high-visibility colors here.


  • Extremely waterproof
  • Extremely breathable
  • Outstanding adjustable closures
  • Fishing is very easy


  • It’s very expensive!
  • There are no high-visibility colors

Basics of Fishing Rain Gear

What does “Waterproof” really mean?

Fishing rain gear that isn’t able to withstand wind and water is useless. You need to be comfortable and dry in all weather conditions, from drizzle to torrential rains.

Anglers will want to move on from “water-resistant” products and opt for “waterproof” ones. This term can be more complicated than it appears. Although the term “waterproof” is used a lot in advertising and marketing, it’s very specific in the textile industry.

This is something that you should be clear about. Understanding what the manufacturers of fishing rain gear mean with technical descriptions can make the difference between a great fishing day and a miserable cold and wet slog.

According to clothing experts, “Water resistance is measured in column pressure… Imagine a one-inch tube sitting on top of the fabric and filled with water. The pressure at one point is so high that water can actually pass through the membrane. This is the minimum waterproofness you should be grading.

Waterproof refers to fabric that can withstand pressure from a 1-inch column of water that is 5,000 millimeters high. This is not enough to protect outdoor gear. Instead, look for clothing with a rating of 15,000 to 20,000.

Ian Nicholson points out that the US Military requires fabric to resist 25 PSI (16700mm) to be considered waterproof.

The majority of options on our list meet this requirement. Only the Nevis budget gear falls short.

What does “Breathable”, really mean?

Breathable means that the material allows moisture (sweat vapor) to escape while keeping out rain. This outward airflow is a crucial component of the best fishing rain gear. It keeps you dry, even when you heat up.

REI states that sweat vapor is transferred through a shell because warm, moist air inside attracts colder, relatively drier outside air. Outdoor brands have been striving to improve the efficiency of this vapor transfer process for many decades. It is what determines how dry or clammy you will feel.

All that research has led to the discovery of top-end options such as Goretex and eVent, which allow sweat to evaporate while keeping the rain out.

Rain suits must be breathable. It won’t stop the rain from soaking you, but it will trap moisture inside, making you damp and clammy.

Breathability can be measured in grams per square meter for 24 hours (g/m2/24hr). Below is a chart that shows how different activity levels relate to these measurements:

We have researched and reported the numbers where possible.

Materials, Construction, and Coatings

Manufacturers of outerwear can incorporate advanced technology into their rain gear for fishing. They can use a variety of materials and construction methods to meet a certain price point or offer an edge in performance.

By far, the most common materials used in breathable rain gear for fishing are expanded polytetrafluoroethylenes. ePTFE such as Gore-Tex or eVent look almost identical to the Teflon coating on your skillet. However, they are stretched thinly into a porous membrane that is lightweight and porous. Because it’s dotted with billions upon billions of holes per centimeter, the surface tension of water won’t allow it to seep through. However, air and sweat vapor can escape.

ePTFE are a combination of waterproofness and breathability that make them a great choice for fishing gear.

Construction with three layers

The most popular option for quality rain gear is the three-layer design.

The outer layer (also known as the face layer) is usually a tough fabric covered with a DWR (Durable Water Repellant). It protects the middle layer of ePTFE. This is where waterproofing really takes place.

Under that outer layer, you will find the heart of your fishing gear, the high-tech layer which seals out water while allowing moisture to escape.

The third layer, which is often made of polyester, will be found against your skin. It protects the ePTFE against dirt and oils that could clog pores.

2.5-Layer Construction (eVent, DVstorm).

You can alter the sandwich’s recipe by swapping the inner layer. This 2.5-layer approach uses a painted-on inner layer to reduce weight and bulk, while still protecting the inner ePTFE.

One such combination is eVent’s DVstorm.

According to Ian Nicholson, “eVent [DVstorm] uses an external face fabric with a very similar polytetrafluoroethylene membrane [to a 3-layer system]. The big difference lies in the innermost layer. Instead of using a rigid material such as Goretex (which uses a hydrophobic Polyurethane (PU film) on the inside), eVent uses a secret propitiatory coat that protects individual fibers and doesn’t clog pores.

This results in a lighter and more breathable product, which is also waterproof.

Construction on 2-Layer

For outdoor applications, you may need very flexible outerwear. 2-layer construction is the best option.

This construction technique uses a thin layer of waterproof stretch polyurethane (think Spandex), coated with an ePTFE. It can result in a waterproof, breathable shell that is more flexible than traditional Gore-Tex. The waterproofing material may be extremely thin.

This is not common on rain gear made for hunters and anglers.

Plastics Single-Layer

One layer of PVC or polyester is the final option for rain gear, particularly if it has an additional waterproof coating. Polyester and polyvinyl chloride can be tough and waterproof. However, they are not permeable to water vapor, so they cannot breathe.

Even in a rain jacket, you can feel clammy underneath. If you wear a full-length suit, this can quickly become an issue.

For this reason, we won’t recommend full PVC suits.

DWR Coatings

ePTFE relies upon those tiny holes to function, so they must be protected from the skin by an inner layer. External contaminants can also affect their function. This is why they need the face layer.

Matt Gugel explains that oils, such as sunscreen, funk, and oils from the body, have low surface tension. They will infiltrate the membrane and prevent the pores from keeping water out. Hence, most PTFE membranes, such as Gore-Tex, are now coated to prevent these contaminants.

A DWR is basically a coating applied to the fabric’s outside (either fluoropolymers, silicones, or hydrocarbons). It increases the fabric’s contact angle and surface tension when water comes into contact with it. This allows water to bead onto the garment and roll off, rather than allowing it to seep into the fabric.

DWR coatings can be applied to waterproof fabrics to increase resistance to saturation. This increases breathability, prevents water from transferring through soaked fabrics, and most importantly it prevents the holes from becoming clogged in the ePTFE.

This coating will eventually wear down and you will need to apply it again with Nikwax.

What we look for in the Best Fishing Rain Gear

While waterproof and breathable are two of the most important words in rain gear, there’s more to consider when choosing the right option.

Seam Quality

There will be seams where the needles have poked through waterproof materials when rain gear is assembled. It is crucial to know how these seams should be joined and protected. There are three common methods for waterproof applications.

Fully Taped Seams

A manufacturer will apply an internal waterproofing tape to every seam of a garment to protect it.

Welded Seams

You can heat and press seams with some materials to make a “welded” connection that seals any gaps and creates a water-fast attachment.

Critically Taped Seams

A manufacturer can also skip tapping every seam on lower-end rain gear and focus only on those most susceptible to being hit by direct water, such as the neck, shoulders, and neck.

We prefer fully taped seams over welded seams, which is why we looked at all the options that had seams that were fully taped.

Hoods with adjustable drawstrings and wrist closures

Rain gear that is too tight at the wrists or necks can cause the wind to blow rain or spray inside.

These are the most critical points that rain gear should cover.

Fishing is a friend

Your outerwear should work for you, not against you.

A jacket that is fine for a quick walk might not offer the same range of motion in the arms, shoulders, and back.

We have rated each option for fishing, so you can be sure what to expect.

Last Thoughts

Bad weather can make for good fishing. We hope that these reviews will help you choose the right fishing gear.

Send us a message if you have any questions or comments.

We would love to hear from you!


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