Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Ocean Fishing Kayaks – The greatest ocean fishing kayak will take you to places you never imagined were possible. Offshore fishing in wide sea will provide you with a different perspective on life. Larger and more diverse fish can be found in the ocean than in smaller freshwater lakes. The best ocean fishing kayaks will be comfy and have amenities like adequate storage to transport you and your stuff to your weekend location.

Purchasing a fishing kayak is a difficult task. Purchasing an ocean kayak is also a good idea. When you combine the two, you’re in for a terrible time. You shouldn’t be concerned, though. I’ll go through the greatest ocean fishing kayaks on the market in this article.

Kayak fishing is a fantastic and economical way to get up up and personal with nature while also reaping some nutritional advantages. A kayak allows you to access locations that other vessels cannot.

In order to be a reliable fishing kayak, it must have particular design aspects that allow it to manage stronger winds and rougher waters with more control.

After reading this article, you should be able to make an informed decision about which kayak to purchase.

8 best ocean fishing kayaks for 2021

1. Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 – Speed is the best

The Prowler 13 kayak is simple and lightweight. It offers both less storage and performance.

It is equipped with a wide waterline and narrow hull that make it more resilient to harsh conditions. This boat is also extremely fast and has great tracking.

It can be carried by one person and is relatively lightweight at 56 pounds. However, it can hold up to 325 lbs. The cushioned comfort seat has an adjustable backrest and can be easily removed for repairs.

The stern has a large tank well system that allows you to load heavy goods without it getting wet. The bow-mounted waterproof hatch makes it easy to transport valuables.

This hatch also allows you to access the bow andstern storage compartments for fishing poles, which allow you to transport them safely inside the kayak. The Prowler 13 also has bungee storage above the deck, which adds an extra layer of storage options.

The hull also has a transducer mount to allow for fish finders and two rod holders. There are however no gear rails and there is no way to add additional rod holders.


  1. Amazing performance
  2. Excellent tracking and top speed
  3. Internal and external bungee storage
  4. The hull can be used for rod storage


  1. Gear rails missing
  2. Only two rods


The Prowler 13 ocean kayak is a great choice. It is durable, can track well, and lightweight. The lack of gear rails, and the inability to add rod holders limit your options. If you are looking for a kayak with a lot of gear storage, you will need to look elsewhere.

2. Sea Eagle SE370-Ideal for Rough Waters

The Sea Eagle SE370 is strong and easy to use. It measures 31x19x8 inches when fully packed and weighs 32 pounds. It is very compact and lightweight.

It can hold up to 650 lbs, so you can kayak fish with two friends.

Sea Eagle SE370 inflatable kayak can be inflated in less than eight minutes. There is not much storage space due to inflatable kayaks. The multi-purpose storage box comes with two rod holders.

Inflatable kayaks have poor tracking capabilities. The Sea Eagle SE370 includes two plastic Skegs to counteract the natural tendency for inflatable kayaks that can be moved by high winds.

It’s also level III whitewater rated so it can handle rough water, especially if you are paddling with friends.


  • It is extremely portable and light.
  • Two skegs are included to improve tracking
  • Reliable in handling rough waters
  • It can fit up to 3 people


  • It doesn’t provide much storage
  • Only two-rod holders exist

Bottom line

The Sea EagleSE370 kayak is perfect for those who enjoy fishing trips that don’t require much planning. The kayak is lightweight and portable, and can be inflated in just eight minutes. The kayak’s maximum weight is 650 pounds. This is more than most other options. You might consider buying another kayak if you need a lot of storage space.

3. Hobie Mirage Outback – Best Value for the Price

The Hobie Mirage outback offshore fishing kayak is an incredible value with many excellent features.

The Vantage CT-W adjustable seat provides excellent lumbar support, no matter what position you choose for paddling or fishing.

Its hull is constructed of durable materials that can withstand saltwater conditions and ensure longevity.

It is also suitable for ocean fishing thanks to its MirageDrive paddle-driven system. This system allows anglers control the craft by paddling instead of rowing.

It also has a retractable steering wheel, which facilitates tracking and allows you to easily paddle your kayak no matter what the water conditions are.

The four-rod holders are a great addition to the boat. You can also store all your gear in multiple places. You can also find small accessories such as cupholders in different sizes, cargo hatches and long-running shelves to maximize your convenience.

It is not light and easy to transport at 85 pounds. However, it can carry 425 pounds on average.

This basic saltwater fishing kayak is simple and straightforward.


  • Amazing weight capacity
  • A comfortable seat
  • A Vantage seat that can be adjusted to your liking
  • Four-rod holders included


  • It’s pretty basic

Bottom line

The Hobie MirageOutback is more than anything a wise investment. It’s one the most popular ocean fishing kayaks, thanks to its comfortable seating and easy navigation.

4. Perception Pescador Pro 12 – Best for Comfort

Because of its outstanding design and performance, the Perception Pescador Pro 12 ocean fishing kayak is highly recommended. It looks great and performs well.

It is relatively small and low in water for a sit on kayak, but it is extremely wide to allow you great fishing and fish-fighting experiences.

It also features a mesh-style seating to regulate your temperature while you are in a fight with fish. You can adjust the temperature to your liking with two levels of adjustment.

You can lower the paddle when you begin paddling. When you want to cast from a sitting position, you can raise the paddle back up. This is a thoughtful design that provides security when fishing in rougher water.

It also has large, open storage areas at both the front and rear. This allows you to store as much gear as possible. You can also pack as much gear as you want with the maximum weight limit of 375 pounds. This is a great ratio considering its 57-pound mass.


  • Construction in one piece
  • Added safety with built-in buoyancy
  • Accessory rails with integrated connectors


  • Some delivery and quality issues

Bottom line

Although the Perception Pescador Pro 12 may not be the best kayak or most durable, it is one of the most comfortable and safest ocean fishing kayaks available. The kayak is also light and has a good capacity.

5. Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem – Best Tandem Ocean Fishing Kayak

The Ocean Malibu, a superb tandem fishing kayak is next on the list. It can hold up to 425 pounds and is capable of carrying a partner fishing or plenty of gear.

It is a 12-foot vessel. However, it has excellent stability and a comfortable center gravity. This minimizes the chance of going overboard. It also has a skid plate, which protects against rocks and makes it more durable.

ComfortPlus padding is used in the seats. They can be adjusted four ways. This gives you plenty of comfort so you can fish in any position that feels right to you. You can even bring your child along onboard with you.

You can also get footwell braces to help you when you’re trying to catch up with the fleeting pretty.

The kayak’s 57-pound weight and molded handles make it easy to transport.

The Ocean Malibu also comes with a lifetime warranty for the hull. This is a remarkable guarantee that speaks volumes about the quality of its construction.



  • Packaging issues

Bottom line

The Malibu has a striking orange and bright red design. It is also very visible and stable on the water. It has good storage, stability, and comfort. If you are going offshore fishing with a friend, it’s a great kayak.

6. Ocean Kayak Frenzy – Best Budget Option

The Ocean Frenzy is a great value for money, with many great features. The Ocean Frenzy is the ideal option for anyone who wants to try out ocean kayak fishing without spending too much.

It’s a great choice for those who aren’t able to afford it, but experienced kayakers can still enjoy it.

It doesn’t stand out in terms of design. It doesn’t have rod holders or other clever storage options. It’s an option for those who want to have better control of their gear.

The kayak comes with an adjustable seat which is a great feature for a budget kayak. The kayak is lightweight and portable at 43 pounds. However, it can hold up to 325 lbs.


  • Design that is lightweight
  • Seat adjustment
  • Large capacity
  • This is a great way to improve your kayak fishing skills


  • Basic design
  • It doesn’t make a difference

Bottom line

This economical yet efficient ocean fishing kayak will suit everyone, no matter your level of experience. It is a great budget option that still offers many great features, such as its lightweight design and stability.

7. BKC UH-TK181 – Best Bang for Your Buck

Another budget-friendly kayak, the BKC UHTK181, is a great choice. It pays attention to the tandem aspect of the kayak and comes with seven fishing rod holders, which is a lot more than standard fishing kayaks.

You can also store your paddles in two secured paddle parks.

BKC UHTK181 is a compact and lightweight model that can be used for many purposes. It has lots of storage compartments so you can store all your valuables without worrying about getting them wet.

The 34-inch beam improves the tracking and stability of the device, making it excellent on water. It can withstand rough water and still hold its ground, allowing you to stand upright without falling over.

Although it is not light at 68 pounds it can be moved easily on its own. It can hold 450 pounds of weight, which is enough for two people with lots of gear.

It also comes with two aluminum paddles as well as deluxe seats to ensure comfort on your fishing trips.


  • Multiple carrying handles
  • Storage that is efficient
  • Even in choppy water, it is quite stable
  • Rapid speed
  • It is well-built and looks great
  • Includes a 5-year warranty


  • Seat battens can break easily

Bottom line

This well-built, ocean fishing kayak offers great value for money. It is lightweight and easy to maneuver, has lots of storage, provides stability, and can withstand rough water conditions.

8. Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak – Best Affordable Ocean Fishing Kayak

The Affordable Tamarack Angler 100 fishing kayak is the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100. It has many great features.

It is made from high-density UV-protected, polyethylene which ensures durability and long-term useability.

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 has a comfortable, adjustable padded seat. These seats can also be adjusted to provide back support, which will extend the fishing trip’s duration.

Additionally, the fishing rod holders are flush-mounted and top-mounted. This will make your fishing experience more enjoyable and easier.

The shock cord straps at the front and back of the bag prevent emergencies. There is also a 6″ storage area where all your necessities can be stored without worry about water getting to them.

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100, weighing only 51 pounds is very easy to transport. The deep hull tracking channels further enhance this. Its maximum weight is only 275 pounds. This makes it a much less expensive option than other options.

The kayak also has stability chine rails that allow for maximum stability in rough conditions. This comes at the cost of speed, as the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 can be slow.


  • Affordable price
  • Storage space that is adequate
  • Flat bottom for more stability
  • Back support provided by adjustable, padded seat with back support
  • Plenty of leg room


  • It doesn’t work well in choppy water
  • Common problems with hull cracking

Bottom line

The Lifetime Tamarack angler 100 is a kayak that offers exceptional stability and durability. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for an economical, yet effective option for ocean fishing.

This sit-in kayak has a durable construction and amazing stability. It’s a great choice for those who fish in small areas.

What to look for when buying an Ocean Fishing Kayak

You need to be prepared to fish in open water like oceans and seas. You must prepare for your trip by having good equipment.

1. Inshore or Offshore Fishing

Before you buy, you should know the type of water you will be fishing in. This means you need to know whether you are buying inshore waters or coastal waters that have a maximum depth 70 feet.

There are important differences between sea and ocean kayaks. These kayaks are narrower and more stable than the others.

2. Type: Sit on-Top vs. sit-in Kayak

These are the two main types of fishing kayaks. Your choice will depend on where you fish.

Sit-in ocean fishing kayaks are better than sit-in ones. These kayaks have small compartments that you can place your legs in to keep the kayak attached to you. They are ideal for challenging open water conditions that require a stable boat.

These kayaks also have compartments that can be used to store fishing gear or personal belongings. They have cockpits, which is the main difference to Sit-on-Top kayaks.

3. Cockpit

If you are a beginner or have never tried kayaking before, a wider cockpit is the best choice. It allows you to maneuver around the kayak and explore how your body affects the stability.

If you are more experienced, it might be worth looking into something more snug-fitting to give you more control over the paddles.

4. Stability and tracking

You’ll be able to cast your rod if you have a fish hooked on your bait. You need to have a kayak that is stable and allows you to maintain your balance. It’s important to note that kayaks with more stability are generally harder to maneuver and paddle.

Tracking is also a key component of stability. This refers to the ability of your kayak to maintain its course while underway. A kayak that tracks well will keep its course even when it is subject to a turning force such as a sweep stroke.

5. Paddling Experience

Paddling is an important aspect of kayaking, especially for beginners or intermediate kayakers. You’ll need to ensure that your paddle doesn’t move too fast when you give it input. This will give you more control and stability when you are navigating your kayak.

6. Weight and Portability

Despite all the advancements in kayaking, kayaks are getting heavier.

If you plan to load your kayak full of gear and accessories, ensure that the equipment is moving directly from the transport mode and into the water.

A lightweight model is best if the vehicle will be dragged on dirt roads or other rough terrain. You can either opt for a sit-in model which is ideal for ocean fishing or an inflatable model.

7. Weight Capacity

The rule of thumb is that your kayak should weigh 100 pounds more than your body weight, plus all of your gear.

For example, two people could be able to carry a 400-pound capacity.

Fishing Kayaks: Sit On-Top Kayaks or Sit Ins

When choosing a kayak, the first decision to make is whether you want a sit on-top fishing kayak or an inflatable kayak. We can help you decide which style you prefer by examining the pros and cons of each type and other important factors.

Do you want to skip the details and get straight to the point?

The most popular kayak choice among fishermen is the sit-on-top. These kayaks are stable and require less skill to operate than sit-in fishing boats. These boats can even be used for fishing by being stable enough to stand on.

Renting a kayak from a local outfitter is a good way to get a feel for each type of kayak. Although they may not have fishing kayaks on hand, you can still get an idea of the different styles of kayaks before spending the big bucks.

Similarities between Sit-On-Top and Sit-In Kayaks

Design of the kayak’s hull, length and width are the main factors that influence their speed and tracking. If you compare kayaks with similar hull shapes, lengths, and widths, you will find little difference in the performance of a sit on top and sit-in kayak.

The Primary Factors in Choosing a Fishing Kayak

When choosing between a sit on-top and a sit in fishing kayak, there are several things to take into consideration.

  1. Type of fishing
  2. Fishing style
  3. Your level of skill in the sport.
  4. What kind of water you will be fishing in
  5. Location, such as close to water or open water
  6. Water temperature
  7. Temperature of the air
  8. Wind speeds
  9. The water conditions will dictate the type of kayak you choose. (i.e. (i.e. river, ocean, and lake).
  10. Do you need a fishing kayak you can stand in?
  11. Manufacturer
  12. Price

These factors and others will guide you in the selection of the right kayak. There will be a preference for a sit on top kayak or a sit in kayak. Let’s look at the pros and con of each boat.

Sit-On Top Fishing Kayaks

Sit-in kayaks offer some advantages for fishermen but sit-on top kayaks are the best choice. Sit-on top kayaks offer an unbeatable level of ease.

Sit-on top kayaks have an open deck you can sit on. Sit-in kayaks have a closed kayak that your legs can move freely. Everything, even the foot braces, is on the top of the kayak.

Pros of Sit-On Top Fishing Kayaks

Warm-weather: Sit-on top kayaks are great for warm-weather paddling. They allow paddlers to get wet without having to fill up the kayak. You may get water splashed on the deck from your paddle or casting onto you. There may be some splashing from the scupper hole.

Self-bailing: Sit-on top kayaks have scupper holes which allow water to drain from the deck. They can be used to stop the water from splashing through the scupper holes. Plugs for scupper And Scupper valves They can be left open during warmer weather, but are generally left open.

Learn when to block the scupper holes by checking The Ins and Outs of Sit-On Top Kayak Scupper Plugs .

Skill level: Sit-on top kayaks require a shorter learning curve and are safer.

It’s easy to get in and go out: Sit-on-top kayaks make it much easier to get in and exit your kayak from open water than sit-in ones.

Stability: Fishing kayaks are becoming larger, stronger, and more stable.

Capacity to stand while fishing: You can stand taller while fishing from a wider kayak, but they are slower than their smaller counterparts. A wide kayak is not necessary if you don’t intend to stand up while fishing or if you want to be able to reach the fish quicker or cover more water in one day.

There are many options: There are many styles and types to suit your fishing style.

Accessories for fishing and savings: Many sit-on-top fishing boats come with extra fishing accessories. This will help you save money on not having to purchase and install additional fishing accessories. You can customize your kayak by adding specific fishing accessories.

You have more space and are easier to access your gear: Sit-on top kayaks offer plenty of space for fishing gear, electronics, electronics and other equipment. You’ll want to check for waterproof hatches, tiedown points on the hull, and a designated area behind the seat when buying your kayak.

There are many more options and kayaks to choose from: Sit-on-top fishing kayaks are in high demand. Fishing enthusiasts have many options when it comes to choosing a sit-on top.

Sit-On Top Fishing Kayaks

Wet: Sit-on top kayaks can make for a very wet ride. While it is not always dangerous to get wet in warmer weather, hypothermia can occur when you are wet in colder or more severe water conditions. Warmth may require a drysuit.

Exposition to water temperatures and weather conditions: If the temperature of the water or air is cold, it will be cold. Drysuit. You are more exposed to rain, heat, snow and wind than a sit in kayak.

Windy conditions can be challenging: In windy conditions, sit-on-top kayaks can be more difficult to control. In windy conditions, an anchor or anchor stake is a great option.

Higher center of gravity: Sit-on-top kayaks have a higher center of balance than sit-in kayaks. This makes it easier to flip. However, larger kayaks make this more manageable. However, larger kayaks are heavier.

Heavier: Sit-on-top kayaks are often heavier than their sit-in counterparts. A kayak carrier may be required if you plan to transport a heavier kayak overland.

Sit-In Fishing Kayaks

Sit-in kayaks, which are more traditional than most kayaks, are what most people associate with kayaking. You can get into the cockpit.

Sit-in kayaks have a high popularity in colder areas. These kayaks can be equipped with a kayak skirt to cover the cockpit. This will seal the cockpit and keep out water.

Pros of Sit-In Fishing Kayaks

Speed and agility: Sit-in kayaks offer greater speed, control, maneuverability, and maneuverability.

Lower physical demands on the paddler: They are easier to use, especially for long fishing trips.

Weighing less: Sit-in kayaks are lighter than sit-on top kayaks, making it easier to attach to your vehicle.

Carrier: It is easier to transport to the point of installation.

It’s easier to transport: You can carry the kayak in the cockpit of a sitin on your shoulder.

Wind exposure at lower levels: Sit-in kayaks are less likely to be blown about as much as sit on-top kayaks. The wind is less likely to affect the surface area of the kayaks.

Reduced exposure to water temperatures and weather conditions: Sitting down in a kayak’s cockpit reduces your exposure and water temperature. To keep you comfortable, a kayak skirt can be used to reduce your exposure to the elements.

Get warmer rides: Sit-in kayaks offer warmer rides, which is great for those who fish in cooler conditions. A kayak skirt traps your body heat inside the kayak’s cockpit, making it even more comfortable and reducing the need to use your bilge pump. You can find a fishing kayak that has a skirt if you’re looking.

Greater seasonal flexibility: A sit-in might be the right choice for you.

Get more waterproof:A sit-in kayak has more waterproof storage than a sit on-top.

Sit-In Fishing Kayaks

You are lower than the water’s surface: Sit-in kayaks are lower than sit-on-tops. For many fishermen, this can be a problem.

Higher skill levels are required: Sit-in kayaks require greater skill, such as water exiting and returning to the surface in case of tipping.

It is difficult to get out of the water and reenter: Sit-in kayaks can be difficult to exit and reenter, without encroaching on the kayak.

You will need a bilge pump: You will experience water in the cockpit if you don’t use a kayak skirt. A skimmer is a must.

Binge pump or sponge: To remove the water.

In hot weather, can become stuffy and uncomfortable: If you are using a kayak skirt, there is very little ventilation for your lower body in a sit-in boat.

Fishing gear takes up less space: Sit-in kayaks are smaller and can make it difficult to find gear while out on the water.

There are far fewer options and kayaks to choose from: Prebuilt sit-in fishing kayaks are less in demand due to lower demand.

Size, weight, and load capacity of fishing kayaks

It is important to consider the dimensions, weight, and maximum capacity of your kayak.

A polyethylene sit on-top fishing kayak weighs 77 lbs, while a sit-in fishing kayak weighs 52 lbs.*

Your fishing kayak must be capable of lifting you and your gear into the water. An inflatable fishing kayak, or a fishing tube, may be an option if you are not able to carry a hardshell fishing kayak.

Take into account the dimensions of your fishing kayak

  • Your kayak’s size and shape will affect its tracking and speed.
  • When transporting and storing your kayak, size is a major concern.

The tables below will help you narrow down your search. You’ll see that outfitters and manufacturers have more options for sit on-top fishing kayaks to choose from than they do for sit-in kayaks. Because of the demand and popularity for sit-on tops, this is a good thing. This is the most popular fishing kayak.

A few kayaks are equipped with fishing gear by outfitters or manufacturers. These kayaks come with very few accessories. You may need more than just a few fishing rod holders. It is possible to build your own sit-in fishing boat.

You need a tandem kayak? You can also rent tandem kayaks and have a friend to haul your gear and kayak to the place-in.

Additional weight for fishing kayak accessories

When it comes to accessories for kayak fishing, weigh your options. You can quickly gain weight.

They add up: fins, rudders and pedal drives, as well as motor drive propulsion. Many of these features make kayak fishing easier and more enjoyable.

If you want to go fishing with a friend or family member, they have fishing kayaks for 2!

I have also included inflatable fishing kayaks in the sit-on top kayaks. If you are looking for a sit on top fishing kayak, but have issues with the extra weight compared to a sit in, inflatable fish kayaks might be a good alternative.

Final thoughts on Sit On-Top Fishing Kayaks and Sit In Fishing Kayaks

Sit-on top kayaks provide fishermen with more convenience and ease than sit-in kayaks. However, each type of fishing kayak has its advantages. There is no right or wrong. You can try out various brands and styles to find the best one for you.

You can save money by purchasing fishing kayaks that are specifically designed for fishing. It will cost less to buy a pre-assembled kayak than to build one.

Enjoy your time out there, and remember to stay safe. Remember to always have the safety equipment for your kayak.


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