Fishing Beaches in NJ (New Jersey)

Fishing Beaches in NJ – Are you looking for some beach fishing opportunities while on vacation in New Jersey? This state offers the best surf fishing opportunities.

Nearly every town and city has great spots for surfing fishing. There are miles of beaches along the coast. We have compiled a list with the top surf fishing spots in New Jersey.

Surf Fishing at its Best in NJ

  1. Long Beach Island
  2. Cape May
  3. Belmar
  4. Island Beach State Park
  5. Sandy Hook

Long Beach Island

LBI is the best place to surf fish in New Jersey. There are nearly 18 miles of beaches and constantly changing sandbars so there will always be a spot where you can catch some trophy fish. You will find plenty of shops to restock your gear. There are also local experts who can help you locate the best spot and give tips for surfing. If you’re not having luck with the ocean, some local towns have built public access piers that allow fishing and crabbing from the bayside.

Barnegat Lighthouse State Park is one of the most successful and popular spots to fish on the island. You can fish the beach or the bayside at the northern tip of the island. This gives you the chance to catch all kinds of fish.

Cape May

Evening and night are the best times to surf fish in Cape May. The beaches are crowded with sun-tanned people and families during the summer, making it difficult to fish. The evenings and evenings are better for fishing, regardless of season. It’s best to relax before heading out to fish. Cape May is also a popular place to go surf fishing for stripers in the fall.

The beaches are usually empty at night. You need to look around the jetties for the best fish at night. You will find plenty of striped bass in the waters. Cape May offers both beachside and bayside fishing throughout the year. This is a great place to begin if you are looking for a relaxing time on the water.


Belmar, New Jersey, is known for its abundance of coastlines and walkable jetties. It’s also a popular spot for sport fishing. Snake river inlet is located at the northern end of Belmar. This is the ideal spot to surf fish! There are always plenty of trophy fish in the water, just waiting for you to catch them!

People tend to begin at the Shark River Inlet, then work their way south towards Sea Grit. It’s also a great time to fish at night. You will find fewer people on the water and larger fish are more likely to be found in the area after the sun sets.

Island Beach State Park

This is the most popular spot on the Atlantic coast for surfing fishing. Island Beach State Park measures approximately 10 miles in length and has perfect undeveloped barrier islands. There are also sand bars galore. Here, trophy fish are not a problem. People have pulled out huge fish such as a 55-pound bass in the past, according to 2009.

Bluefish, striped bass and weakfish are abundant in the waters. This park is open year-round, and it’s a great place to start an epic adventure in looking for big fish. Fishing licenses are not necessary here. Anyone can fish in the water, regardless of their skill level.

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook, NJ offers great fishing opportunities. Although you will need a permit to fish in the area, prices are very reasonable. You can get a day pass for $50 during busy times like Labor Day weekend. However, you can also purchase a one-year permit for $50. The Rip is a popular spot on the northern end of the beach. This is where the bay and ocean meet.

All along the beaches, striper season usually begins in April/May. If you are looking to catch big fish, nighttime is a great place to begin. There are many opportunities to catch something amazing on less crowded beaches.

Final thoughts on New Jersey Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is a popular pastime in New Jersey. There are many hot spots to explore and miles of coastline. It doesn’t matter if you fish from the beach, or one of the many piers. You need the right equipment for surfing.


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