Best Homemade Catfish Bait

Best Homemade Catfish Bait – It’s unambiguous. You won’t know how horrible making catfish bait until you’ve tried it!

Despite all of this being true, many anglers prefer to make their own sauce and avoid buying store-bought.

We’re here to help you if you’re one these hardcore catfish bait makers or if you’ve ever thought about making your own bait at the home. We have done all the research on homemade catfish baits, so you don’t have to!

As you will see, we have the best catfish bait recipes. We’ll show you how to make your own.

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The Three-Ingredient Trick to Homemade Catfish Bait

Although catfish bait recipes are often kept secret, there are some elements that can be shared that make them all different.

  1. The first common element is A stinky protein It doesn’t matter if it’s sun-ripened minnows or over-ripe cheddar, or livers that have been left to turn. Even simple hotdogs are good for making homemade catfish baits.
    If you look at the majority of catfish bait recipes, you will see that liver and cheese are popular choices for protein. Both can also make pungent baits when they are properly processed. You can also add easy-to-add options like dog or cat food, or sardines.
  2. The second is A thickening agent. This could be flour or bread in some cases. In others, you can add salt to dehydrate the protein and make it firmer. However, flour should be prepared for between 10 and 15 minutes of kneading to create the sticky glutens that give this texture.
    Nothing beats cattail fluff for punch baits. It will thicken your bait quickly and make it sticky.
    Cattail fluff is a great thickening agent for punch baits.
    I advise against thickening agents such as cornflakes or oats, which are more likely to attract carp.
  3. The last element is Additional flavor or smell. Garlic is the most common ingredient, but you can also use blood, sardine oils, anise extracts, or any other options.

Catfish go wild for garlic’s strong flavor and smell!

Common ingredients include Molasses, Kool-Aid and fruit-flavored Jell-O. I don’t like sugar unless it is used to fuel fermentation. Lime gelatin is a popular choice, but I don’t like lime gelatin because it doesn’t give strong, perceptive flavor.

This should be clear enough to you that homemade catfish bait can be made as long as each element is included and the ratio is adjusted to achieve the desired consistency.

Fishing Day: Be prepared to Tinker

Remember that homemade catfish baits come in two main styles, punch baits or dip baits.

Punch baits contain thicker mixtures, which use more of the second ingredient–the thickener — to increase their viscosity. Dip and sponge baits are thicker messes that require help staying put.

Punch baits should be as thick as peanut butter.

No matter what you do, experimentation is always a good idea. Higher temperatures can thin baits that were thicker when it was colder. It is also true that a thicker bait will become runnier in colder temperatures. Be prepared to adjust your concoction accordingly.

Dip baits can become very runny if they are used with a sponge.

There are other styles that are also popular, such as dough baits or “chunk” baits like livers or blood, and hotdogs that have been flavored with salt and/or added flavor.

Here are the Best Catfish Bait Recipes

Super Punch/Dough Bait


  1. 1 lb. 1 lb.
  2. 1/2 lb. Chicken livers left out for a few more hours to ripen
  3. 3 tbs. Garlic salt
  4. Oil from 1 can of Sardinines
  5. Flour and/or cattail fluff


To make fine pieces of cheese, grate or grind it. Avoid large chunks. You can also melt the cheese in the microwave to make it more workable.

You will only use this cutting board to chop the ripened chicken livers.

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl. Add the garlic salt, sardine oil and sardine oil to the mixture. Slowly add flour while stirring with a stick, long-handled spoon, or a wooden spoon. When the mixture reaches the desired consistency, you can stop adding flour.

Cattail fluff can be added to thicken the punch bait.

This bait is great for punch bait. You can add more flour to make a dough bait. In this case, you will need to knead the mixture like bread for between 10 and 15 minutes to activate gluten.

You can then form balls of dough bait and boil them briefly outside. To harden, place in Ziploc bags.You should not freeze them as this can cause liver damage.

Keep the bait in a sealed container in your garage.

Magic Minnow Dip Bait


  1. A few minnows and a few small shad.
  2. 1 container chicken livers with blood
  3. 1/2 cup flour or cornmeal
  4. 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. garlic powder
  5. 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp.


Blend the minnows, shad, and chicken livers in a blender. Slowly add the dry ingredients.

It should have the consistency of oatmeal. However, it will thicken as time goes by.

This mixture should be placed in a mason jar. Let it ferment for at least a month. This will improve the consistency and speed up the fermentation process. The bait will be ready for use within a week.

When you unscrew the lid, be prepared to smell a bit icky!

Hotdog Chunk Bait


  1. A dozen hotdogs
  2. 2 Tbsp. minced garlic
  3. 2 tbsp. Garlic salt
  4. Oil from one can of Sardinines
  5. Optional: strawberry Kool-Aid powder


Cut the hotdogs into 1-inch pieces and then add the ingredients to a sealed container. Add enough water to make the red drink mix liquidy if you are adding it. The goal of the Kool-Aid is to create color, not flavor. You want a bright red.

For a few days, shake and place in a dark, cool place.

Although this one isn’t too bad for the nose, the oil and garlic create a strong scent in the moving water.

Catfish Dinner Bell Punch Bait


  1. 1 lb. Velveeta
  2. 2 cans wet dog food
  3. 4 tbsp. Garlic salt
  4. 1/4 cup cooking oil, bacon grease or something similar
  5. Cattail fuzz


To soften the Velveeta, microwave it in a microwaveable bowl. Mix the Velveeta with all the ingredients in a bowl. Add the thickening agent slowly to achieve the desired consistency.

You can use this bait fresh but it will get better if you age it properly.

The Stink Bait


  1. 2 cans tuna in oil
  2. 2 cans mustard sardines
  3. 1/2 lb. Chicken livers with blood
  4. 1 tbs. 1 tbs. garlic salt
  5. 2 boxes of stuffing mix
  6. A loaf of bread made from dry ingredients


Blend the dry ingredients and the garlic salt together in a blender. Once the mixture is smooth, pour it into a sealed container. This mixture should be left to ripen in the sun for at least a week.

Mix the stuffing mix with dried bread until it is well combined. This can also be left thinner to use as a dip or punch bait.

CBMIGP (chicken breast marinated with garlic powder) Chunk Bait


  1. 1 lb. 1 lb. chicken breast
  2. Garlic powder


The spoiled chicken breast should be cut into 1-inch cubes. Season the meat with garlic powder. Allow them to marinate for at least one night in a sealed container.

This simple bait is a winner and many catfish anglers use it as their preferred choice.

Aged cheese and liver bait


  1. 2 lbs. 2 lbs.
  2. 2 lb. 2 lbs.
  3. 4 tbsp. minced garlic, 1 bottle anise extract or Vanilla extract
  4. Flour
  5. Sardine and cod liver oil


Cut the cheese into 1-inch pieces. Cover the cheese cubes in hot water and then mash them to a paste in a container. Blend the livers, blood and cheese paste in a blender. Mix in the garlic extract or extract. Stir well to combine.

Cover the container with a cloth.Keep it in a refrigeratorFor at least several weeks.Attention:This bait can ferment and release gasses that could cause the container to burst.

This is a disaster in waiting!

Once the maturing process has been completed, add the flour and oil to get the desired consistency.

Last Thoughts

We are confident that these catfish recipes work because they have been tested and proven to be effective. They are a divorce-inducing mess and stench. Please be careful where you store these concoctions and keep them away from other people.

We’d love to hear your thoughts as always. Are you looking for a recipe or tip that we haven’t covered?

We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


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