Best Frog Rod 2021

Best Frog Rod – Frog fishing is one of the best ways to catch bass. To catch more fish, it is important to get your frog rod set up correctly from the beginning.

Frog fishing is best done during the summer when frogs tend to be most active.

Bass will naturally hunt frogs, small mammals and other small mammals for food. They will prefer to lie under large water lilies and in shallow weed beds.

Frog tackle must be able handle working through vegetation because of the location where bass are located.

This is not the case for all fishing gear. An ultralight spinning rod, for example, will not be able handle this type of water.

One of the best ways to catch freshwater bass is by throwing hollow body frogs around heavy weed cover.

Bass are quick and powerful when they strike a frog bait from below. It’s one less thing to worry about knowing that your tackle is ready for the job.

This is not the place to use light-weight spinning gear!

You need your rod and reel to be able to run heavy braid without sacrificing casting performance or hook setting abilities.

What size and what power are the best frogging rods?

Although a musky rod with a high power rating would be considered appropriate, it might seem odd to someone who is new to bass fishing.

A bass will strike your lure once they have caught it. They will then move on to the next heavy cover, which is most likely to be a large weed bed or lily pads.

You can make your hook-set quickly before they turn their heads. The heavy power means that your rod blank will have enough backbone to haul them up.

A 7-1/2 or 7-1/2 foot rod is recommended length wise. A 7-footer is the best size for casting, as it allows you to cast far more water.

Best Frog Rods 2021

1. Dobyns Rods Fury Series FFR 735C

For those who are in the know, the Dobyns Fury Series is a bit of a cult. This is the most expensive frog rod.

We have model FR 735C, another great contender in the Dobyns family.

This rod measures 7’3″, and has a quick action casting function. This rod works best with 12-25lb line. The recommended lure weight for the rod is 1/4 to 1 oz.

This rod is incredible and includes a Fuji reel seat and high modulus graphite blank. It also comes with line guides that are Kevlar-wrapped.

By the way, the guides are perfectly aligned. You can also look forward the Hypalon butt and the cork grip.

It is so easy to feel when you hold it in hand. It’s blacked and we liked the epoxy finish on the guide wraps. This is a mass-produced rod.

This rod is undoubtedly the best we have ever used for frogging. It’s a great value for the money. It was perfect for casting spinner/worm jigs. The jigs went through heavy weeds as if it were a knife through butter.

It was quite an experience to catch a large bottom-dwelling walleye. Even a 6-pounder was attainable. We also found a largemouth in some weeds. Another crew member got a muskie from it. It is something we would recommend.

This rod is ideal for hollow-body frogs or buzzbaits. It is large enough to hold a large hook from a decent distance and pull the fish through thickest weeds. This rod can be used for flipping/pitching, and small swimbaits.

Overall, this is a great frogging rod for those who need it to last. It won’t cost too much.


  • Blanket of high modulus graphite
  • Wrapped in Kevlar
  • Fuji reel seat

2. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

The rod is fun to use, and it’s easy to hold in your hands.

It is incredible and can be felt. It is a bias graphite-fiber construction that gives anglers the maximum strength and flexibility.

Blank twist will be minimal to none. It is glossy and clear, but thin. We noticed that the plastic wrap used over the blank material to hold graphite in place during manufacture caused bumps.

This rod comes with a Daiwa custom reel chair and an aluminum reel clamp nuts to hold everything together. This rod is a sharp looking one with Alconite ring guides. You will also love the two-color options.

It is extremely light and easy to use for all day adventures. These rods are a good value for money and have a comparable sensitivity to other higher-end brands.

This reel seat is extremely comfortable and casting was easy with it. It’s easy to load up your lure and it will fly wherever you want.

The grip is made from EVA foam and split in the back. It is also comfortable to hold. We were impressed by the casting performance of this product when we tested it.

When it comes to loading, the tip is predictable. You can also use baits with the right lure rating easily. Half-oz jigs were used and we had a lot of fun with them.

We’d like to mention the rod’s sensitivity. Although it was good, I have always felt more comfortable with Daiwa products. This is a great product that you should not let go of.


  • Guides for Alconite
  • Custon reel seat
  • SVF graphite blank

3. Berkley Shock Casting Fishing Rod

The rod’s primary features include an integrated reel seat, stainless-steel line guide and a shock-absorbing tip. The tip adds strength. The carbon is used to make the blank.

This rod can handle super braids, even those of the most complex nature, without breaking your budget.

The rod is designed to withstand braided line strength and the strong backbone will let you feel it. This will reduce the chance of you being pulled by hooks, but it will still allow you to keep your hands on the wheel.

Shock absorbing tips are designed to reduce the loss of elasticity that braids can cause. The titanium oxide inserts and stainless-steel guides prevent cracking and grooving, ensuring a long service life.

This ergonomically designed handle is very comfortable. You can use it all day without feeling tired.

We wouldn’t consider this rod to be the best. This rod is nice, but it would not be the best choice for someone who is just starting to frogg and wants to see if it suits them.

This frogging rod is very affordable and can be used to catch top-water frogs, heavy grass jigs and some nice-sized fish.

The crew did exactly that, and they did catch 2-4 lb. The lake was home to many fish. It was braided with line and everything went smoothly. The rod was quite stiff so keep that in mind. If you feel the need to get into deep cover and use your frogs, this is the guy for you.

This rod is worth the investment. You will have a lot of fun.


  • Shock absorbing tip
  • Titanium oxide guide inserts

4. St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

This rod features SCII high modulus graphite and the integrated poly-curve tooling tech.

Kigan Master Hand 3D Guides are made from aluminum-oxide rings with black frames.

The reel seat is Fuji ECS with a black hood. This rod is perfect for practicing your casting technique. This rod’s quality construction is approximately 50% lighter than other rods.

This rod was very fast so we decided to go out on the water with it. These rods are very good value for money. We gave this rod to a crew member who was using a Bass Pro rod similar to this one to compare.

The casting was much better on this one and the crew member felt that he could cast better. A willow-leaf spinner bait was also used. Unfortunately, it did not catch any fish but we enjoyed the feeling.

It is lightweight and responsive. The rod is lightweight and easy to transport. Casting is also a breeze. It is easy to cast all day long from a dock or boat and not feel tired. This rod has a great sensitivity and the backbone is strong.

These rods will be a great addition to your arsenal. These rods are great value for money due to their low price and the variety of uses they can be used for.

They can be used for swimming jigs, chatter baits and buzzbaits depending on which model. They are easy to load and have enough power to not worry about ripping the bait from your fish’s mouth.


  • Blanks for high modulus SCII graphite spheres
  • Kigan Master 3D guides
  • Fuji ECS reel seat

5. Abu Garcia Veritas Casting Fishing Rod

This rod is made with a 30-ton graphite blank. It’s very light. It weighed in at under 5 lbs. It is very balanced.

This rod’s hoop strength is unparalleled thanks to its sublayer armor, which is made of fibers that are strong and durable. The rod features a ROCS guide train, which allows you to cast farther with lighter lures.

Abu Garcia’s locking micro click reel seat design provides a secure and tight connection between rod and reel. You will feel comfortable and be able hold it all day without any cramps.

You can keep your line in place using the titanium alloy guides with Zirconium inserts. The Abu Garcia hook keeper is great for all types of bait.

If you match the blank with the right type of lure, it will be very sensitive. We decided to try this guy on the dock. It worked well, and we caught some fish.

We wanted to point out that the hook setting process was slower than usual. This meant we missed some fish due to poor hook setting.

We tested a hollow-body frog on a heavy weedbed. We were able to land some four-pounders, and we felt happy about the rod.

We will reiterate that the sensitivity was easily felt even at 15 feet. It was sent off with one of our crewmembers and he managed to catch a catfish using it.

This is a great rod for a fair price.


  • 30 tom graphite
  • Reinforced fibers throughout the blank
  • UP reel seat

6. Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

The rod comes with a graphite blank, Fuji-exposed blank reel seats, and a cork handle.

You can also purchase 100% authentic Fuji line guides to keep your line secure and safe.

This rod is made in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. It’s a one-piece rod that is great for any fishing situation. We have had the privilege of using many Falcon rods, both salt and fresh, and found them to be responsive, fast, and capable of setting hooks.

This one is great fun to use. It was very solid in our hands, and the build quality impressed us greatly.

It performed better than a Fenwick we owned. It was also tested with smaller soft frogs. We found the rod lightweight and easy to use. Although we didn’t go out for the day, it was very comfortable to hold.

We felt everything below the surface with great sensitivity. The tip is great for helping you feel the bites of your jigs. This rod is strong and can handle the biggest guys.

These rods are also very durable on the road. These rods were packed up for a trip to a local tournament. Anglers understand how difficult it is to transport all of your gear and keep it in top shape.

These rods are incredibly durable. You just need to pair them with the right reel, and you’ll be casting farther than you thought. This rod is a great value at a price that everyone can afford.


  • Fuji line guides
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Blanket of sensitive graphite

7. 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 MH Casting Rod

This rod comes with a 30 Ton Toray blank and PVG Technology.

The graphite is interlaced with precision and allows for better control of the fiber angles when rolling the blank.

This rod’s sensitive nature is also due to its tight graphite construction. It’s a nice touch to have Alps guides with zirconia inserts. Evolve Engage models are used for the reel seat. The handle is made from Portuguese full-cork premium and has an Evolve hook keeper.

Only one rod was included. This rod is medium-heavy and fast-acting. It does exactly what it should. The rod can be dragged to the bottom, and you will experience great sensitivity. We tried plastics, and it worked well. This is the recommended weight rating of this rod. We recommend lures weighing 3/8 to 1 oz.

You can’t go wrong with this price. You would likely pay at least 30% more to make your own rod from a 24-ton carbon blank.

This makes it very cost-effective. The rod is very lightweight and has excellent sensitivity. We typically see this hardware on higher-end rods.

Let’s now move onto the cork grip. It is very sturdy and attractive. The tip is a little fragile. Despite not breaking the rod in our testing, we were concerned that it might happen.

We still caught bass with the rod, no problem at all, despite this. This rod is a great choice for freshwater anglers.

We think that this rod is worth the money. If you need assistance or a warranty, 13 offers great customer service.


  • Blanket for 30 Ton Toray rod
  • Zircoia inserts
  • Guides to the Alps
  • Evolve reel seat

What reel is best for frog fishing?

You need the right reel to match your rod. These guidelines will help you select a great reel.

Reel type

A baitcasting system is the best option for frog fishing. Look for a baitcaster that is all-metal (aluminum frame with side plates) This is because setting the hook with the frog can be very difficult and could cause damage to a graphite reel.

Although it can be tempting for a reel to have a graphite body due to its lightness, graphite reels aren’t strong enough to withstand this type of fishing.

Frog fishing: Best gear ratio

A high-speed reel should have a gear ratio between 7.5:1 and 8.0:1. This will allow you to retrieve the fish quickly, which is very helpful when you have to pick up your slack fast before setting the hook.

A high-speed reel also allows you to quickly burn the frog back into the boat once it is out of the strike area. This will allow you to make another cast as quick as possible. You may get a quick strike near a distant grass clump or lily pad. This is why you will want to return your frog to the exact spot as quickly as possible.

Set up your frog rod

After you have your reel and rod ready, it’s time to start spooling 50 or 65 lb braided line onto your reel. This may seem excessive, considering that bass rarely exceed 10 pounds in weight. However, it will be necessary to withstand the cover. A 5 pound bass may be weighed in with 20 pounds worth of water plants around it. You should only use 50 lb braid, while 65 lb is a good choice.

Braid is ideal for setting powerful hooks, especially when you are at least 20 to 30 feet from the fish. Braid has great casting properties which allow you to make precise casts and place your forg within 1 inch of promising spots such as openings in logs or lily pads.

After you have spooled your reel you can tie the braid to the frog. This works in over 90% of cases. A monofilament leader is a good choice if you are fishing in clear waters and don’t want thick braid to distract the bass.

How to Purchase the Best Frog Rod?

There are some things you need to know before buying a frog fishing rod. Below are some reasons why these factors are important to keep in mind.


Use light lures, baits, and monofilament fishing lines with a spinning rod. When using frogs for bait, a baitcasting rod is the best choice. These rods allow anglers to fish with greater accuracy by simply turning their wrists.

It is important to aim your rod accurately when you throw frogs. These are places where bass can hide while they wait for the frogs. It’s also more comfortable to use for longer hours.

Take Action

Hookup is a key factor in determining the success of your fishing trip with frogs. You need to know the right rod action to use to help you land more fish. Let’s start by introducing this feature.

The rod’s action indicates the location where the bending occurs. Slow action rods bend all of the way to the handle, while moderate rods bend in the last half. Fast or extra-fast action rods bend at their tip. Fast and fast action rods have high sensitivities, which is an advantage when you are using frog baits for bass fishing.

This method is also the best because you can hook the fish as quickly as possible and then bring them to your boat. This is exactly what you should do when the bass comes for your frog. Otherwise, it will swim off to seek cover.

Unfortunately, this will mean that you lose your ability to cast long distances.


While the size of the fish you catch will affect the power of your rod, it is not the only thing you need to consider when deciding which power option you should choose. It is also important to decide the weight of the lure and the type or fishing line that you will use.

Frog baits are the most common type of bait. Heavy braid is also recommended since you will be fishing in heavy covers.

It is obvious that you need a strong rod. Any power option from medium to heavy will work. The higher power option will result in a better fishing experience.


The best rods are between 7’6′ and 7’6″, as they have a higher hookup percentage and allow you to cast further than shorter rods.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Which line should I use for frog fishing?

The most well-known superlines are braided braids in the 50-80 pound weight class. Monofilament lines are also common in the 20-30 pound category.

What is the significance of the color of the Frog I use?

Black or dark frogs are best if you fish in muddy waters or in sunny days in clear water. Chartreuse or white-colored frogs work well if you fish in water that is stained by overcast skies.

What is the best gear ratio for frog fishing?

Fast gear ratios between 6:3 to 7:3 are preferred by anglers because they allow for quick-burning presentations. This gives the frog the appearance of swimming, and lots of bait is swimming towards it.

Last Thoughts

We hope you are now able to easily pick the best frog rod after reading the reviews. We also want to point you to the models that we love.

Dobyns Rods Fury735C is a top-rated rod for many reasons. We love the way it can be used to bait frogs, thanks to its powerful 7’3″-rod and fast action. These features will ensure that you catch large bass easily. Its lightness, durability, and low price are also what we love.

Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1 IM8 – The best frog rod below $100 – takes second place. It’s the best one for anyone whose hand sweat a lot because it features an integrated Winn Grip technology and not just a cork handle, ensuring it won’t ever slip. It is a great frog rod due to its quick action and medium-heavy power option.


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