Fishing is more difficult on the eyes than a new boat, from bright sunlight to errant hooks.

You’ve probably been in the water without your sunglasses. Optometrists will tell you that it is foolish to ignore quality eye protection. Many ER doctors see far too many patients who require a hook taken off their faces.

We have carefully researched to bring you our top picks, rated each pair for their price to performance ratio.

Here’s a quick look at the top fishing sunglasses

  • Costa Del Mar Fantail– The Best Fishing Sunglasses with High Glare
  • KastKing SkidawayThe Best Fishing Sunglasses on a Budget
  • Under Armour IgniterBest Fishing Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes
  • Huk Spar

The Best Fishing Sunglasses – Reviewed

Costa Del Mar Fantail– The Best Fishing Sunglasses with High Glare

Costa Del Mar Men's Fantail 580P Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses, Matte Black/Grey Blue Mirrored Polarized-580P, 59 mmLens material: polycarbonate

Material for frames: nylon

Polarization: Yes

Costa Del Mar is a favorite among anglers. These sunglasses aren’t too expensive, but they do cost more than we would for a fashionable accessory.

Costa has a reputation for quality and these glasses are no exception. The Fantail was chosen over the Brine because of the greater range of colors and the fit issues (they run small).

The Fantail’s high-quality lenses are made of polycarbonate and are expertly polarized to withstand the harsh conditions that you will encounter when chasing reds, sharks, tuna, and sailfish. Even when the sun is at its worst, expect zero glare and minimal squinting.

The lenses are made well and have no defects. Polycarbonate is not scratchproof but it is very tough and can be used to make marks.

Costa’s nylon frames have been praised by many, so there are no worries.

The Fantail line is available in a variety of colors. You will find the right pair for you.

These Costas are great for their price. These are the preferred choice of many anglers over Oakleys or Maui Jim’s. We can see why. They’re serious fishing tools! However, you will have to pay for this performance.

These Costas are worth the money if you’re willing.


  • Durable frames
  • Amazing lenses for challenging conditions
  • Protection against 100% UVA/UVB
  • Fits well


  • Expensive

KastKing Skidaway – Best Fishing Sunglasses on a Budget

KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women, Gloss Black Frame, Brown Base Chartreuse MirrorLens material:Triacetate Cellulose (TAC)

Material for frames: Grilamidthermoplastic

Polarization: Yes

Skidaway sunglasses by KastKing are a great option for anglers looking for solid protection but not too expensive. These may be the perfect choice for you if you are someone who loses your sunglasses at the table or has a reputation for breaking expensive glasses.

There are many options available for lens and frame colors. We recommend dark frames for anglers. Bright yellow and orange frames are cool. However, they will cause some blurring of peripheral vision.

KastKing frames are made of excellent Grilamid thermoplastic. They can withstand a lot of abuse without complaining.

The company uses TAC to make its lenses, which helps keep the prices low. While there are some downsides to this, let’s not forget the good stuff.

KastKing claims that the lenses have a coating that blocks 100% UVA/UVB light. This is important and you shouldn’t accept less.

KastKing also inspects each lens for optical distortion. This is a common problem with TAC lenses.

TAC is made of laminate plastic and some users have had problems with the lens coating fading, especially after saltwater exposure.

These glasses don’t wrap around your face. Depending on your face shape, the gap maybe a little too close to your cheek. This can let reflected light and bright sunlight in, which is definitely less than ideal.

What is the verdict?

The Skidaways is a favorite of many anglers. The Skidaways are affordable and you shouldn’t have to worry about them getting lost or damaged. As long as you keep the salt out, it shouldn’t matter what the coating looks like.


  • It’s affordable
  • Durable frames
  • Protection against 100% UVA/UVB


  • Keep them away from salt to avoid lens coating delamination
  • There have been some reports of problems with fit

Under Armour Igniter– The Best Fishing Sunglasses For Eye Protection

Lens material: polycarbonate

Material for frames: Thermoplastic and titanium

Polarization: Yes

Although Under Armour might not be the first brand that pops into your head when you think of sunglasses for fishing, we think their Igniter range may just change your mind.

This wrap-around design is made with durable polycarbonate lenses and is perfect for wind and glare. This will reduce the light that may reach your eyes from other lens styles. Dry-eye can also occur when fishing in the wind, and the Igniter prevents this problem.

Eye safety is paramount and the Igniter shines when the heat’s on. These shades are amazing! They meet all OSHA standards. This is simply amazing, and we are grateful for the additional peace of mind these impact-resistant shades offer.

They are also polarized and reduce glare to zero.

It’s tough, difficult to scratch, and glare-eliminating. There’s nothing to love about this! What’s not to love?

The frames of the Igniter are tough enough for Under Armour, and the fit is perfect for most people.

There are five color options available, so most people will be able to find one that suits them.

These sunglasses are great overall. They are more expensive than the Costas, but they offer a lot of performance.


  • Durable frames
  • Excellent wrap-around lenses
  • Protection against 100% UVA/UVB
  • All OSHA standards for eye protection are met
  • Fits well


  • There are only five colors available

Huk Spar

HUK Men's Polarized Panto Sunglasses, (Spar) Green Mirror/Southern Tier Subphantis, One SizeLens material: polycarbonate

Material for frames: TR90 thermoplastic

Polarization: Yes

Huk is a well-recognized brand on the water. Their sunglasses are a welcome addition to any angler’s fishing gear. Although not as affordable as KastKing’s Skidaway but with much higher quality, Huk’s Spar is a worthy alternative.

Spars have polycarbonate lenses made from spare parts. They are extremely scratch-resistant and offer great polarization.

We don’t say impossible!

Most users are satisfied with the quality of the lenses and find that glare or eye strain are not an issue.

The Spar’s frames are made of TR90 polycarbonate by Huk. It’s tough stuff. These shades fit well and are very comfortable.

We love Huk’s Spar as a mid-range option.

Although Huk does not offer many colors, there are still four options. Most anglers will be able to find the right pair.


  • Durable frames
  • Excellent lenses
  • Protection against 100% UVA/UVB
  • Fits well


  • There are only four colors available

Last Thoughts

The sky is the limit when it comes to fishing sunglasses. We researched extensively to find the best quality for the lowest price.

Nevertheless, we have some standouts on our list. Under Armour’s Igniter is the best overall protection. They are strong enough to meet or exceed OSHA safety standards for eye protection. If I had a hook to my face, these shades would be the ones I want!

Costa Del Mar’s Fantails make a great choice for sunny days with unrelenting glare. Although they are the most expensive model on our list, their quality reputation is admirable.

KastKing’s Skidaways are a great low-cost option for anglers who have lost, broken or misplaced gear.

The best pair for you will depend on what color choices, your requirements, and your face. However, any pair from this list will protect your eyes while reducing glare.

How to Choose Fishing Sunglasses


Sunglasses can quickly become expensive, especially when you look at the top fashion brands. There is very little difference between sunglasses with high-end brands and cheaper ones. In some cases, the price of a poor product can be much higher.

It’s your choice where you spend your money, but we don’t recommend spending your money on expensive sunglasses.

If you are someone like me, who can easily lose expensive shades in a flash, it doesn’t make sense to pay more for less.

We have carefully scoured the market for top-quality products at reasonable prices. To make sure that every budget is met, we are rating our picks based on their performance to price ratio.


We’ll tell you right away that your sunglasses should be polarized.

Although polarization is a complicated science, its impact on the world is simple to grasp.

Scientists will tell scientists that polarization is a directional effect that blocks out the discordant transverse wave. The oscillations of light waves can occur at different angles, especially when they reflect off shiny surfaces such as water. Polarization blocks transverse waves in any direction.

Polarization is a technique that blocks certain light waves in order to reduce glare.

Polarized lenses reduce glare.

Polarization reduces eye strain and allows you to see clearly above and below water.

Durability and fit

You take a lot of gear with you on the water. It can get beaten by everything, from the sun and spray to bumps and drops.

You want sunglasses that are strong enough to withstand a fall or a hit of a high-speed lure. You should also check that your sunglasses are comfortable to take a fall or a hit from a high-speed lure without breaking.

Although each person’s fit is different, we will try to give you an average user’s opinion.

Lens Quality

You will notice the differences between popular sunglass lens materials.

Triacetate cellulose (TAC), triacetate NXT, and polycarbonate are the most popular lens materials for outdoor use. They are all far more resilient than common materials such as glass and offer additional benefits.

Triacetate cellulose

Triacetate cellulose is basically a layered and bonded polymer. TAC is inexpensive and relatively tough. However, it must be properly manufactured to prevent optical distortion and UV radiation from damaging your eyes.

TAC lenses are made from thin layers of triacetate/cellulose, often with different coatings. These layers are joined together to create a continuous piece. These lenses are then checked by reputable manufacturers for any problems.

TAC lens.

TAC lenses, however, are more susceptible to coating failure than their NXT or polycarbonate counterparts. However, they are also much cheaper.


Polycarbonate is an excellent lens material and a better choice than layered plastics.

Experts like Tim Hallworth say that polycarbonate is a pure thermoplastic. It starts as a solid material, in the form of small pellets. The pellets are heated to melt during manufacturing. The liquid polycarbonate is then injected quickly into the lens molds. It is compressed under high pressure and then cooled to make a single lens.

Because there are no layers, optical distortion is reduced. The final product is very strong, durable, and scratch-resistant.

Trivex NXT

Trivex NXT can be used as a windshield on Apache attack helicopters. You can be sure of top-quality lenses made using a proprietary process. However, they will cost you a lot!

The price difference between NXT and high-quality polycarbonate is not worth the huge jump in cost.

Protect your eyes with NXT and polycarbonate. They both block UVA and UVB light at 100%. TAC properly coated will also block 100% of UVA and UVB light.

They are also roughly equal in terms of weight.

NXT is the most difficult option. However, in real life, it’s unlikely to make a significant difference. Under Armour’s Ignite lens, made of polycarbonate, meets or exceeds OSHA’s strict guidelines for eye protection.

NXT has only one real advantage: its better optical clarity.

Is it worth it?

We don’t believe so.

UV Protection

The Mayo Clinic is the only authority that warns you sunglasses are necessary to protect your eyes from UV light. The Mayo Clinic warns that UV radiation from the sun can cause damage to the skin on your eyelids, cornea, lens, and other parts of your eyes. UV exposure can also lead to certain types of cataracts and growths on your eyes, as well as macular degeneration.

The right sunglasses will protect your eyes just as well as your skin.

The University of Utah Moran Eye Center recommends that anglers choose wrap-around sunglasses. Wrap-around sunglasses are a good choice if you spend a lot of time outdoors, especially near water. They protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The wind will not dry your eyes with this design. They don’t need to be costly. They don’t have to be expensive, they just need to fit properly.

Protect your Impact

Anglers are very susceptible to eye injuries.

Fishing is actually second in terms of the number of eye injuries that are reported each year, behind the only baseball.

A single poke at a rod tip can ruin an eye’s ability to see clearly. We have all seen the lure fly back at us after we have freed it from our hands with a few hard pulls.

I have been hit quite a few times and I am sure you have as well.

It takes just one unfortunate impact to cause a serious injury. Protecting your eyes is a top priority.


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