Fishing Lakes in Bucks County PA
Fishing Lakes in Bucks County PA

Best Fishing Spots in Pike County Pennsylvania

Fishing Pike County Pa

Pennsylvania’s Pike County is known for its beautiful parks and outdoor spots where you can go fishing. Sometimes you only need to find the hidden spots and then grab your tackle and go fishing.

These are the Top Fishing Spots In Pike County PA

  • Beaver Lake
  • Billings Creek
  • Billings Pond
  • Billings Pond Dam
  • Birchy Creek
  • Bruce Lake
  • Burchard’s Creek
  • Elm Lake
  • Gates Run
  • Gin Brook
  • Hemlock lake
  • The dam at Hemlock Lake
  • The dam at Hemlock Pond
  • High Falls
  • Holsey Run
  • Killam’s Pond
  • Kleinhans Lake
  • Lake Giles
  • Lake Giles Dam
  • Lake Greeley
  • Lake Laura Dam
  • Lake Scott
  • Little Mud Pond
  • Lower Hemlock Dam
  • Lower Hemlock Lake
  • Maple Brook
  • Maple Creek
  • McConnell Creek
  • Mcconnell Lake Dam
  • McConnell Pond
  • Mount Run
  • Notch Brook
  • Pecks Pond
  • The dam at Pecks Pond
  • People Pond
  • Pierson Dam
  • Poison Brook
  • Porters Lake
  • Rattlesnake Creek
  • Rock Hill Creek
  • Rock Hill Pond
  • Selma Lake
  • Spring Brook
  • Tarkill Creek
  • Westbrook Estate Dam
  • White Deer Lake
  • York Creek

You should bring the right gear to fish in Pike County Pennsylvania. Also, make sure to review the regulations and rules for fishing in the county. We wish you all the best and have a great day of fishing.

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