Best Fishing Piers on Lake Erie

Best Fishing Piers on Lake Erie – Lake Erie is one of the top fishing spots in Ohio, especially during the summer months.  Whether you live in or are visiting Buffalo, Cleveland or any place in between, you are close enough to the Lake for a fun day of fishing.  Let’s take a look at the top Lake Erie fishing piers.

7 Best Fishing Piers on Lake Erie

1. Huron Pier

A lighthouse at the end of Huron Pier in Ohio

Huron Pier also known as the Nickle Plate Beach Fishing Pier is widely considered one of the top Lake Erie fishing piers for good reason.  Visit this pier, located north of Huron’s city center, and you will enjoy access to fish in both Lake Erie as well as the adjoining Huron River. In fact, there are even bait shops within a short drive from the pier so you can pick up some fresh worms and cast your line merely minutes later.  Walk far out onto the pier and you will find your chances of catching bigger and better fish increase with each step.

Experienced anglers insist the fish bite at an especially high frequency by the lighthouse.  The lake is chock full of white bass, perch, channel cats, sheepshead and additional fish sure to suit your fancy.  The perch are especially active around dawn.  Opt for night fishing along the pier and you are likely to catch bullheads, walleye and channel cats.

2. Edgewater Park’s Pier

edgewater park pier

Visit Cleveland and you will be able to fish Lake Erie at several locations.  Edgewater Park is one of the better piers on Lake Erie for fishing in the greater Cleveland area.  Cast your line here and you will have access to carp, salmon, largemouth bass and yellow bass.  In fact, the pier is even complete with a concession stand where bait is available for sale.  In fact, the East 55th Street Marina boasts a fishing pier that measures a whopping 1,200 feet.  Fish from the pier or charter your own private fishing vessel and you are almost assured of catching at least half a dozen fish in a couple hours or less.

The Pier located in Edgewater Park in Cleveland is consistently ranked in the top 20 of Cleveland attractions, largely because it provides spectacular fishing opportunities in proximity to a lovely park.  This site provides the perfect view of Lake Erie.  Be sure to snap a couple pictures of the water ahead to share on social media before departing with fish in-hand.  Budget in a couple extra hours as you will undoubtedly be tempted to walk, jog or bike around this beautiful park after a morning/afternoon of fishing.  Furthermore, the fishing pier even provides handicap access to boot, ensuring everyone can enjoy a peaceful day of fishing at the lake.

3. Gordon Park

gordon park pier cleveland

There are numerous on-shore platforms for fishing available in Gordon Park.  Cast your line here and you stand a good chance of catching trout.  In particular, steelhead trout are particularly common at this Lake Erie fishing pier.  If you are new to fishing or if your little ones are tagging along, consider taking advantage of Metroparks fishing skills programs that teach fishing techniques.  Once the day is over, consider spending the night at one of the comfy nearby bed and breakfasts before heading home the next day.

4. Catawba Island State Park

As one of the best sites for pier fishing on Lake Erie, Catawba Island State Park has quickly developed a reputation as the highlight of Clinton, Ohio.  This 10-acre public recreation space provides direct access to the lake.  Whether you would like to fish from the pier, boat out onto the water or simply enjoy a picnic, you will love this site.  The park is located at 4049 E Moores Dock Rd. in Port Clinton, OH.  Visit the park for some night fishing and you will find walleye and perch.  Additional fish commonly caught here include white bass and steelhead trout.

5. Bradstreet Fishing Pier

bradstreet fishign pier rocky river ohio

Located in Rocky River area outside Cleveland Ohio, this fishing pier is great in the summer months.  Here you can have the opportunity to catch sheepshead, catfish, white bass and even a walleye.  The best fishing lures to use here are called an agitator which is a small float with 4ft of line to a hook and bait.  It tends to work best with catching white bass.  Definitely check out the Bradstreet fishing pier.

6. Mile Long Pier

mile long pier ohio

If you ever find yourself in or near Lorain, Ohio, be sure to check out Mile Long Pier.  Positioned about half an hour to the West of Cleveland, this pier provides truly elite fishing opportunities.  Locals insist the breakwall near the beach’s eastern end is one of the better places for catching walleye, carp, salmon, yellow perch and bass.  The waters here have both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

7. State Fishing Access Pier – Sandusky Bay

The State Access Fishing Pier is a great place to catch catfish, yellow perch, crappie and bass in the Sandusky Bay part of Lake Erie.  This pier is a road that juts out far into the lake.  There is a ton of available parking and its is easy to access the area.


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