A fishing cart is a great option if you have difficulty transporting all your gear from your car to the water.

A good fishing cart is designed to carry all the tackle and bait you need. These accessories can make fishing trips more enjoyable, especially for those who fish from the beach or pier.

We can help you if you don’t know where to begin. Below are reviews of some of our favorite models, along with tips for finding the best model.

Here’s a quick look at the top fishing carts.

  • Plattinum Products Beach Cart –Best Overall Fishing Cart
  • Berkley Jumbo Fishing CartBest Fishing Cart that Collapses
  • Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH
  • Fish-N-Mate 311
  • Alumacart Kahuna Junior Beach & Fishing Wago –Highest Capacity Fishing Cart

Best Fishing Carts – Reviewed

Plattinum Products Beach Cart – Best Overall Fishing Cart

Plattinum Products Beach Cart w/Wheeleez and Receiver Arm (Mill Finish)

Capacity 200 lb.

Material Aluminum

Tires Balloon beach tires

Plattinum Products’ Beach Cart was clearly created by fishermen for fishermen. This all-aluminum cart is perfectly sized to carry a Yeti 65 Tundra. It also features an adjustable receiver arm that allows you to easily slide it into your truck.

This makes it easy to transport your trailer hitch.

The interior dimensions of the bed are 18″ x30 7/8″, which is plenty of space. There are 8 rod holders, which are ideal for holding surf fishing gear. This cart is built around the beach and supported by large balloon wheels that glide across even the most brittle sand.

Up front you will find the solid aluminum foot and handle. Although I would prefer padding to improve grip, it’s not a deal-breaker.

What’s not to love?

It’s obvious!


  • Light
  • All surfaces are suitable
  • Amazing tires
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Frame and bed that lasts
  • Great rod holders
  • A trailer hitch makes it easy to transport your vehicle.


  • Expensive

Berkley Jumbo Fishing Cart -Best Collapsible Fishing Cart

Berkley BAJFC72 Jumbo Fishing Cart, Jumbo, Grey

Capacity 200 lbs.

Material Aluminum frame and fabric body

Tires Rubber with air-filled properties

Berkley is a master of fishing and this is why the jumbo fishing car has a thoughtful design. This collapsible design makes it easy for anglers to store and transport their gear to the water.

This cart’s heart is an aluminum frame that can hold 200 pounds of gear, despite being folded.

Two large, air-filled rubber tires at the rear and two support legs at the front will be found. A long, comfortable handle is provided to pull your cart and control it. It’s strong and durable, so smaller items won’t fall through. This allows you to store things like worms and sinkers in the cart without worrying about them getting lost.

Berkeley is large enough to hold a 48-quart cooler, as well as other fishing necessities. It also has 6 rod holders that can be removed and hook and loop straps that can be used to secure any items that may shift. Even though it’s a small folding table, they have enough space to hold a cup holder and a drink holder.

However, don’t expect to load much more into that ice chest. A 48-quart model should be enough to fill the cart.

They are both wide and tall so they can be used on many surfaces. The tires will not have any problems on sand, blacktops, or piers. The hubs of the tires are made from plastic so you won’t be able to drag it into any hazards such as roots, sharp curbs or rocks.

This is the best option for those who don’t have enough space to carry a cart or need to use their trunk.


  • Collapsible!
  • Lightweight
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Durable


  • Plastic tire hub
  • It can be difficult to fold and unfold.

Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH

Berkley BAJFC72 Jumbo Fishing Cart, Jumbo, Grey

Capacity 200 lb.

Material Aluminum and plastic

Tires Solid plastic

Gorilla Carts’ GCO-5FSH can be a useful addition to your fishing gear if you have to travel over rough terrain to get to where you need.

The bin is made from tough plastic and aluminum so corrosion won’t be a problem. The bin measures 36″ x 24, and should fit 48-quart ice boxes.

There are 8 rod holders on the sides. A small bait tray is also included. The cart comes with a comfortable handle that can be pulled and controlled by the user. The large, solid plastic wheels provide a reliable solution for rough surfaces that could puncture soft materials like sand.

It is also very easy to disassemble and reassemble. This makes it much more portable than you might think. However, this does require tools and I would still give the Berkley the nod in this area.

This is all well and good, but there are also some negative aspects.

The hub is made of soft metal rods, which quickly wears under heavy loads. They are not sealed against sand intrusion, so I have questions about their long-term durability.

The rod holders are not designed to hold surf casting rods that are long-handled.

This is an overall better choice than you might think, especially if it’s a rough trip to or from the ocean.


  • It is very easy to assemble and take apart
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Bin and frame made of durable materials
  • Many rod holders
  • It’s no problem to have solid tires


  • Metal tire hub that wears on the axle rod
  • Surf casting rods require rod holders that are not well placed.

Fish-N-Mate 311

Fish-N-Mate 310 Lg Cart with Poly Wheels (No Front Wheel)

Capacity 150 lbs.

Material Aluminum

Tires Poly balloon

The Fish-n-Mate 310 cart is great for soft sand and mud that may stick to smaller, more difficult wheels. It’s made from aluminum and is light and easy-to-pull. However, it resists corrosion from saltwater.

The cart can be pulled over sand easily by having two rear poly wheels. Additionally, the handle and stabilizing leg at the front are well-designed and thought out. Although the cart can be driven over soft surfaces without sinking, its big, puffy, low pressure tires are great for this task. However, I wouldn’t recommend it running over sharp rocks or any other puncture-prone objects with all of its contents.

The frame has six rod holders built in. One doubles as a base to hold a small table or bucket. The skeletonized body measures 17″x42″x8″.

Although the tire hub design is good in most cases, the pin that holds it in place can bend under load and puncture the tire. Although this seems rare, it is something you should be aware of.


  • Very light
  • Sand and mud are ideal for this product.
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Durable frame
  • Many rod holders


  • The hub design has had some problems.

Alumacart Kahuna Junior Fishing Wagon – Maximum Capacity Fishing Cart

Fish-N-Mate 310 Lg Cart with Poly Wheels (No Front Wheel)

Capacity: 350 lbs.

Material: Aluminum

Tires 11.8 inch balloon beach tires

Alumacart Kahuna Junior is the ultimate fishing cart, with a stronger design and a higher ride height.

This beach wagon is a beast. It can carry as much as 350 lbs. This is an indication of the quality build and materials Alumacart has, and it’s a great option if you have a lot to tote to the water.

You can remove any side to make the rail system your own. If you choose to keep the four sides, the interior dimensions of this cart measure 34.5″x16.5″ and provide plenty of storage space.

There are four rod holders with integrated rod holders, perfect for surfing rods, a handle for pulling or steering, as well as four large balloon tires that eat up small rocks and sand.

Alumacart’s sturdy aluminum material and high quality wheels are not cheap. However, it is an excellent choice for anglers who require a lot of storage and a cart that will not fail.


  • Light
  • All surfaces are suitable
  • Amazing tires
  • There is plenty of storage space
  • Frame and bed are extremely durable
  • Great rod holders


  • Expensive

Things to consider when buying a fishing cart

Are you sure a cart is right for your needs?

Fishing carts can be used to transport gear from your vehicle to the water. They are great for hauling equipment from your car to the water.

The gear can quickly add up, including chairs, buckets and coolers, as well as tackle and bait. A cart can make it easier to set up your vehicle, especially if you are making many trips.

If you are looking for a compact tackle organizer that can be moved, Elkton Outdoors’s Rolling Fishing Tackle Box and Berkley’s Sportsman Pro might be better choices.

If you don’t need the space for a cart, rolling tackle organizers or coolers are great alternatives.

Transport and storage

Fishing from a truck or another vehicle with lots of storage may make it easier to lift and tie your cart. Collapsible designs are best if you fish from a truck or other vehicle that has plenty of storage.

Consider where your cart will be stored when you’re not at home.

Carts that are foldable or can be taken down quickly can fit into tighter spaces better than other options.


Fishing carts typically carry around 100 pounds of gear. However, some fisherman carts can hold more.

Be realistic about what you bring, but keep in mind the weight of a cooler filled with ice and (hopefully!) the weight of your fish. You should also consider fish. This can quickly increase your cart’s load.

Tire design

Fishing carts come with three types of tires.

Rubber with air-filled fillingThese tires are heavy and tough. These tires are ideal for rolling on blacktop or other smooth surfaces. They’re also resistant to punctures, damage, and abrasions.

Rubber tires that are air-filled are durable and quiet.

They can sink into soft sand and mud if they aren’t very wide. This is a problem. They need air to perform well.

You can pull your cart over large areas of concrete or blacktop, walk through woods to reach the water, or you are worried about puncture hazards such as glass, nails, and sharp rocks.

Solid plastic– Solid plastic wheels require very little maintenance and are impervious to puncture damages. They can also be very wide to allow them to roll well over uneven surfaces.

Solid plastic wheels are durable and lightweight.

They can be noisy on hard surfaces, and they are less effective on sand or dirt, where they sink more than other options.

They are a great option for reducing the cost of your cart while still ensuring durability.

Poly/balloonThese light, buoyant, low pressure tires are a popular choice for beaches. They spread the cart’s weight over a large area and allow them to roll on soft surfaces such as sand or mud easily.

Balloon wheels work well on sand or mud.

High-end models are more difficult, but you get what your pay for. This design is not as durable as air-filled rubber. However, balloon wheels work well on sand or mud and are lighter than air-filled rubber, which reduces the cart’s overall weight.

These are the best options if you drag your cart over sand or in mud.


Fresh or saltwater, water is murder for most metals.

All of the carts in our list are made from aluminum. This metal is strong and light, but it doesn’t rust or corrode.

This is especially important for anglers who fish near saltwater, where aggressive corrosion can be a problem.

You also need to think about wheel and hub durability. A cart is not just a sturdy frame.

Last Thoughts

You can choose the right cart for yourself. We cannot help you. We hope this article helped you narrow down your options and help you make the right decision for your needs and budget.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment.


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