The crankbait is a method of working slabs, which can be used in addition to trolling with spider-rigs or long jigging sticks.


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Here’s a quick look at the top crappie crankbaits.

  • Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks
  • Bandit Crappie Crankbaits 300 Series
  • Rebel Wee Crawfish
  • Rapala Ultra Light Crank
  • Rat-L-Trap Mini

Best Crappie Crankbaits

Strike King Slab Hammer Crappie Cranks

Strike King’s Miniaturized Versions of Their Popular Crankbaits, the Slab Hammer Cranks, are miniature versions. These 38-ounce cranks measure 8 feet in depth and are equipped with glittering paint schemes, 3-D eyes, and an irresistible wiggle.

A fire engine is a good choice for hungry slabs that are actively eating crawfish.

Bandit Crappie Crankbaits 300 Series

Bandit produces some of the most impressive crappie cranks available, and the 300 Series is perfect for trophy slabs. Bandit has a lot of options for shiner and craw patterns.

These cranks are approximately 12 feet in depth and driven by the big rounded lip.

These crankbaits are a great way to increase the volume of vibration.

Rebel Wee Crawfish

Rebel lures are known for their lifelike quality and keep the fish biting even when other options fail.

This is certainly true for the 1/5 ounce Wee Crawfish. It’s also available in a variety of colors to please the crappie hunters in your area. It can reach as high as 5 to 7 feet in depth and is perfect for shallow channels near spawning areas.

Rapala Ultra Light Crank

Rapala is the man who wrote the entire book on crankbaits. The Ultra Light Crank is a perfect crankbait for crappie.

This tiny guy is just 1 1/4 inches in length and weighs only 1/5 ounces. It is a buoyant creature that dives to 8 feet thanks to its huge lip.

“Silver Blue”, for crappie, is my favorite.

Rat-L-Trap Mini

The Rat-L Trap, a long-standing tradition in trophy fish fishing, has rung the dinner bell for generations. The Mini is the perfect medicine for those who are hungry.

This 1/4 ounce Rat-L-Trap, which is designed to vibrate and rattle in turbid waters, is so effective that it should be illegal

Crankbait Crappie

Crappie, specks sac-a-lait, and papermouths – whatever you call them, are two things that we use to define them today.

The first is A large appetite. Crappie is hungry, especially in pre-spawn and post-spawn.

The second is anLarge mouth. Every slab fan knows that the crappie’s mouth can be sensitive. It’s large enough to swallow large prey items.

A good crankbait is also useful in spring’s often turbulent waters.

Crankbaits are designed to be wiggle-y and produce vibration in the water, which summons strikes even in poor visibility.

Marc Deschenes is a crappie guide from South Carolina. He notes that even though the water may be brick-red, crappies can still sense crankbaits long distances away. This means that you don’t need to throw it directly into the cover. Moving too close to a stump or lay down holding fish can cause the crappie to scatter. It might take a while for the crappie’s return to bite again so that you can catch them again.

They can cover large areas of water quickly and are predictable in-depth, making them great for slow trolling.

This perspective makes crankbaits to slabs make a lot more sense.

But don’t believe me. Kent Driscoll is a B’n’M pro-staffer who recalls the success stories of brightly colored crankbaits in the Mississippi ponds, lakes, and rivers. One guy owned a whole box of Bombers that had no paint left because they were chewed by the crappie he caught on them.

Crankbait Crappie Tips

These crankbaits work great in spring and create an attractive vibration so you don’t have to do as much with them as you would with a jig.

Instead, find a structure that is likely to hold fish and use crankbaits to run them near it is possible to get around it, but not through it. Combining action, vibration, and color will attract crappie to cover, possibly even a whole school.

A shallow channel close to a spawning site is one method that can work well. This will allow you to cast down rather than across the structure. Pick a crankbait with the correct depth and run it lengthwise to follow this feature.

These results are amazing!

These tiny crankbaits are perfect for trolling. Slowly lower the crankbaits and don’t let them thump like crazy.

Last Thoughts

We hope you find this article helpful in rethinking your spring slab arsenal.

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