Best Bass Fishing Rods 2021

Best Bass Fishing Rods 2021 – Like so many other things in life, it all depends.

What makes a great fishing rod for bass?

It is important to choose which bass fishing techniques are most important. You’ll then be able pick the right rod. You will be able to understand our recommendations and guidelines for choosing a new rod if you are familiar with various lures and techniques.

What if you don’t have any experience on the water?

This article will provide all the information that you need to select the best bass fishing rod.

We’ll give you our top picks for bass rods, both casting and spinning, and clue you into the nitty-gritty details, like what the terms power (or weight) and action mean, and what material types go into making the best fishing pole for bass.

Entsport E Series – Camo Legend 2-Piece Fishing Rod

  • 7-Feet pole
  • Casting rod
  • 24-ton carbon fiber construction
  • Hook keeper
  • Two interchangeable tips
  • 7 line guides
  • Handles for EVA foam
  • 2-Piece rod


High performance doesn’t always have to be expensive. This 2-piece Camo legend casting rod from the Entsport E series is a perfect example of this truth.

It is constructed entirely from carbon fiber and weighs in at 24 tons. Its 7-Feet breaking design makes it portable. It also comes with two tips. Each tip has a different power, medium or medium-heavy. The first tip is best for fishing in waters that have little or no cover. For heavier lures or waters with more cover, the second tip is better. It is almost like two fishing rods in one.

Seven line guides are included on the rod with ceramic inlets. This ensures that there is no friction and casts. This helps to dissipate heat during heavy loads.

The split handle is made of high-density EVA foam that provides good grip and comfort. Between them is the graphite reel chair. It also has a stainless-steel hook keeper above it.

Entsport E Series Camo Legend 2 Piece Casting Rod has a sturdy overall construction that is perfect for bass fishing. This rod is an excellent starting point, especially for those who are looking for a low-cost bass fishing rod.

The Good
  • Two rods in one
  • Smooth casting
  • Comfortable EVA foam handles
  • Corrosion-resistant construction
The Not-So Good
  • The upper section is less sturdy than the bottom. It is therefore more susceptible to breaking.

St. Croix Mojo Bass Graphite Spinning Fishing Rod

  • Construction of graphite
  • Three actions: Moderately fast, fast, or extra fast
  • There are three power levels: Medium-light, medium-heavy, and medium.
  • Handles for cork
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Aluminum-oxide line guides
  • Casting and spinning versions
  • Six lengths available: 6’8″ to 8’6″


Anyone who has fished for at least a few years knows about this brand. St. Croix makes some of the most high-quality fishing rods available. It is therefore not surprising that one candidate will win the title of best fishing rod for bass.

Both casting and spinning versions of the Mojo series are available. Both have the same overall build. You can choose which one you are most comfortable with.

The St. Croix Mojo Bass fishing pole features a single piece made of high-modulus carbon fibre construction. The rod is strong and light thanks to graphite. Six length options are available, ranging in length from 6’8″ up to 9’6″. The longer poles can be used for casting longer distances. The poles are made with IPC technology, which allows them to bend evenly and reduce stress.

There are three power levels for the St.Croix Mojo, ranging from moderate-heavy to heavy. You can also choose from three actions: Moderate to fast and extra-fast

This rod is equipped with aluminum-oxide line guide, which are corrosion-resistant. These guides do a great job of reducing friction and increasing casting distance. We find the cork handles and the Fuji reel seat with hood.

This is a great fishing rod for bass. But it does have one problem: The price. A single rod can cost up to 150 dollars depending on its model. This might not be the best choice for anglers who are just starting out or have a limited budget.

The Good
  • There are many options available
  • Reliable and durable rod
  • Beautiful design
  • Great sense of sensitivity
The Not-So Good
  • Expensive rod
  • Cork handles can easily be ripped off

Abu Garcia Veritas Spinning Fishing Rod

  • Construction of graphite
  • Three actions: Moderately fast, fast, or extra fast
  • There are three power levels: Medium-heavy, medium-light and medium-heavy
  • Eva foam handles
  • Seat for graphite reel
  • Titanium alloy line guides
  • Casting and spinning versions
  • Six lengths available: 6’3″ to 8’6″


Abu Garcia has extensive knowledge in the fishing rod industry. They make poles that are of high quality. They aren’t as affordable as other brands, however.

Veritas LTD spinning rod has a graphite blank. It is white, not black, as is common with carbon fiber rods. You can choose from five lengths starting at 6’3″. You can also choose from single or two-piece poles, as well as three different power levels. You can rest assured that you will find the perfect spinning rod.

The handles made of black EVA foam are quite small. They are still comfortable and give a firm grip. The ergonomic graphite reel seat allows you to hold the rod securely. Just a few inches above the reel seat, you’ll find a stainless-steel hook keeper. It will keep your rod ready for casting every time you use it.

Abu Garcia Veritas LTD includes titanium alloy line guides. They are perfect for long castings due to their remarkable friction reduction capabilities.

This option is less expensive than the previous. It might be too expensive for beginners or anglers who are looking for a cheap bass fishing rod.

The Good
  • Sensitivity is a great quality
  • Smooth casting
  • There are many options available
  • Lightweight
The Not-So Good
  • Quite expensive
  • The tip is fragile

Enigma Fishing IPPON Pro Tournament Series, Bass Fishing Rods

  • 30/40-ton graphite with 50-ton carbon fibre reinforcements
  • Casting rod
  • Rapid action
  • Five power levels: Light- to medium-heavy
  • Guides for titanium with zirconium coating
  • Seat for graphite reel
  • Five lengths available: 6’6’’ to 7’6”
  • Textured handles that look like golf


The Enigma IPPOM Tournament series is not your typical casting rod. It is unique and beautiful. It stands out thanks to its black-and-white construction.

This bass fishing rod does more than look good. The rod has a graphite construction of 30 and 40 tons, with 50-ton carbon fibre reinforcements. This rod is extremely sensitive and durable. The rod will not blink if you have enough power to set the hooks.

Long cast is made easier by the titanium with zirconium coated line guides. This reduces friction between the line & the ring. The handle, which is almost golf-like in appearance, is extremely comfortable and easily adapts to your hand. Its textured exterior makes it easy to grip even in the rain.

Six lengths of the Enigma IPPON bass fishing rod are available, ranging in length from 6’6″ up to 7’6″. You can also choose from five power levels, from light to medium-heavy. Each one of these powers has the same fast action.

This is a great option for anyone looking for a low-cost bass fishing rod under 150 dollars. You will receive a lifetime warranty and high-quality features.

The Good
  • Great casting distance
  • Sensitive and lightweight
  • Durable blank
  • Amazing looks
The Not-So Good
  • The price of all versions is the same, so the sorter poles are a little more expensive
  • The rod is not scratched by the bag.

KastKing Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series, Bass Fishing Rods

  • Construction with carbon fiber
  • Model casting and spinning
  • There are three types of action: Moderate, Fast, and Moderate fast
  • Five power levels are available: extra-heavy to medium-light
  • Guides for Fuji Line with Alconite Rings
  • Fuji reel seat
  • There are eight length options: 6’10” to 8’0″.
  • Handles textured with golf-like rubber
  • Hook keeper


Only a few companies can deliver high quality products at an affordable cost. KastKing is among these companies. They continue to make the finest fishing gear. They would naturally have a candidate for the Best Bass Fishing Rod Trophy: Speed Demon Pro Tournament Series.

It is made of a strong, multi-layered carbon fiber blank. Nano resin technology improves flexibility and sensitivity, while still keeping the pole lightweight. This fishing rod is available in both spinning and casting models from Kastking.

You can choose from eight lengths of the KastKing Speed Demon Bass Fishing Rod, starting at 6’10’ and ending at 8’0″. There are three action options: Fast, Moderate, and Slow. You can also choose from five power configurations, ranging in weight from extra-heavy to medium. A heavier rod is better for bass fishing, however.

The Speed Demon fishing rod comes standard with the WINN grips. They are comfortable and provide excellent control, allowing for better hook sets.

Alconite rigs and Fuji line guides combine to produce superior casting distance. They reduce friction, which in turn decreases the chance of snaps. The rod features a Fuji-hooded reel seat, just like the line guides.

For anglers who are looking for a low-cost fishing rod for bass, the KastKing Speed Demon is an excellent choice.

The Good
The Not-So Good
  • The tip guide is less reliable than the other guides
  • It might not appeal to everyone.
  • There are many models to choose from
  • You get great value for your money
  • Smooth casting
  • Comfortable grip

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning fishing rod

  • Carbon fiber construction with fiberglass reinforcements
  • Spinning rod
  • Rapid action
  • There are four power levels: Ultralight to medium-heavy
  • Reel seat and line guides in stainless steel
  • Five length options: 4’6′ to 7′
  • Cork handles that are too large


This is the perfect budget-conscious fishing rod. The Ugly Stik Elite bass fishing rod is one of the most affordable on the market. It has 35% more graphite than the Ugly Stik GX2, increasing both flexibility and sensitivity.

This isn’t all. The Ugly Stik retains the clear-tip design but has fiberglass reinforcement. The composite construction reduces the likelihood of the tip breaking under load. The casting and friction reduction of stainless steel line guides is not as good as the ones made from cast iron. They are nevertheless durable.

There are five length options available, ranging in length from 4’6′ to 7′. For better portability, the rod can be made in a 1-piece or 2-piece version. The Ugly Stik Elite comes in four power configurations: ultralight, medium-light and heavy. You get the same quick action with all these options.

This cork handle is perfect for long fishing sessions. This ensures the rod stays in place and doesn’t slip.

The Ugly Stik is not a very impressive structure, as you can see. It works. This is what really matters. For experienced anglers, however, it is possible to overlook high-end features like smoother line guides, hook keepers, and a better reel seat. You won’t find anything better at this price.

The Good

  • Perfect for beginners, affordable
  • Comfortable and big handle
  • Excellent for topwater lures

The Not-So Good

  • It is not suitable for large bass and waters with heavy cover
  • They are not as flexible as other graphite spin rods
  • Poor casting

Cadence CR7B Baitcasting rods

  • Carbon fiber blank 40 tons
  • Casting rod
  • There are three options: Moderate, Fast, and Extra-Fast.
  • There are three power levels: medium to heavy
  • Line guides made of stainless steel with SiC inlets
  • Fuji Reel Seat
  • Five lengths available: 6’10” – 7’6″.
  • Eva foam handles



Cadence’s series of bass fishing rods is the CR series. We are referring to the Cadence CR7B, one of their newest releases.

The rod is made of a 3-layer, 40-ton carbon fibre construction. This makes it sensible, light and powerful. The rod can transmit even the smallest bites thanks to its stainless steel with SiC rings. This rod is perfect for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Five length options are available for the Cadence CR7B, ranging from 6’10” up to 7’6″. There are three power levels: medium, heavy, and medium-heavy. There are three types of action: Moderate, fast and extra-fast.

You will find an EVA foam handle at the bottom of the butt section. It is similar to the KastKing rod handles. It is not made of rubber or other textures. It is still comfortable and offers a secure grip.

The reel is mounted on the CR7B premium Fuji chair. The reel’s perfect-fir design transmits all vibrations directly to your hand. This is a great feature for bass fishing.

The Cadence CR7B costs slightly more than the Ugly Stik, which we previously reviewed. The SiC inlets and Fuji reel seats are great additions, as well as the EVA foam handles.

The Good
  • Price tag friendly
  • Sensitivity that is decent
  • You can choose from different combinations of power/length/action
  • Lightweight
The Not-So Good
  • Casting for extended periods of time is not recommended
  • It would be easier to have more comfortable hands

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

  • 30-ton multi-layer carbon fiber blank
  • Casting rod
  • There are two actions: Moderately fast and fast
  • There are three power levels: medium to heavy
  • Titanium oxide line guides
  • Graphite Reel Seat
  • Six lengths available: 6’8″ to7’6″
  • Eva foam handles
  • Hook Keeper


Do you want a basic baitcasting fishing rod that will catch bass? The Piscifun Torrent is a great choice. It’s a solid option that is affordable.

Piscifun claims that the multi-layer IM6 carbon fibre construction increases rod sensitivity. The shards are strong enough to be used for bass fishing and have a tensile force of 30 tonnes. You can choose from six lengths of the Torrent Baitcasting Bass Fishing Rod, starting at 6’8″, and ending at 7’6″.

There are only two action options: fast and moderately fast. You can choose from medium, heavy, or heavy power.

The rod is supplied with titanium oxide guides. The rod’s inlets have enough smoothness to reduce friction and increase casting distance. Depending on the length of your pole, you will get 8-10 line guides. These guides are sufficient to ensure a uniform weight distribution and reduce the likelihood of the line snapping.

The high strength graphite reel seat is found further down. Below you will see the split EVA foam handles. They don’t seem to have enough cushioning. Hence, your hands might hurt after long fishing sessions.

The Good
  • Great for beginners
  • Smooth line guides
  • Affordable
The Not-So Good
  • Uncomfortable handling
  • Line guides are quite fragile
  • To prevent the line from coiled, the first guide should be closer than the reel

Okuma Tournament Concept TCS Lightweight Carbon Bass Rod

  • 30-ton multi-layer carbon fiber blank
  • Casting rod
  • There are two actions: Moderately fast and fast
  • Five power levels: Extra-heavy to medium-light
  • Fuji line guides
  • Graphite Reel Seat
  • Six lengths available: 6’9″ to7’11”
  • Handles for EVA foam and cork-composite handles
  • Hook Keeper


For those who are looking for a low-cost, budget-friendly fishing rod for bass fishing, this might not be the best choice. The Okuma Tournament Concept is so expensive that it should only be purchased by those who fish a lot. You get what you pay for, a premium baitcasting rod.

The Okuma Tournament Concept bass fishing rods have a 30-ton graphite blank. This rod is extremely sensitive due to the choice of moderate-fast or fast action. It bends when the fish bites the lure. The pole is strong enough to hold the hook.

The Okuma Tournament Concept has five power levels, from extra-heavy to medium-light. You can also choose from six lengths, ranging in length from 6’9″ up to 7’11.

EVA foam and cork-split handles are featured on the rod. The graphite reel seat comes in two versions. Model A is the traditional trigger reel seat. Model B, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a trigger for you to place your finger.

For braid fishing lines, the Fuji K-Concept line guide is ideal for friction reduction. Additionally, up to 12 line guide can be used to prevent wind knots when retrieving or casting the line.

The Good
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Sensitivity
  • There are many options available
  • Construction that is sturdy
The Not-So Good
  • Expensive
  • Line guides are typically smaller than the average. This might temper casting.

Falcon Rods Bucoo SR Bait Casting Rod

  • Graphite blank
  • Baitcasting rod
  • There are two actions: Moderately fast and fast
  • There are four power levels available: medium to heavy.
  • Fuji line guides and reel seats
  • There are eight length options: 6’6″ – 7’5″
  • Handles for EVA foam
  • Hook Keeper


This guide is complete with the Falcon Bucco baitcasting rig for bass. Although it is not the most well-known brand, it is a great choice. The Bucco SR is a solid choice for anglers who are looking for a medium-range fishing rod for bass without breaking the bank.

The price is reasonable for its features. It has reel seats and Fuji line guides. Both are strong and durable. The guides also do a good job of keeping the line straight while you cast. The blank has a flexible graphite structure. Although it is not as practical as the best bass fishing rods, it is still a good choice. It is still quite acceptable for the price.

There are eight length options, from 6’6 to 7’5″. There are four power options available: Medium, medium-heavy and heavy. You can choose from either fast or slow actions.

The rod’s large EVA foam handle keeps it comfortable even during long fishing sessions. A handy hook keeper is located just above the reel seat. This feature is a must-have in this price range.

The Good
  • Large handling area
  • You get a lot for your money
  • Carbon fiber spine with strong strength
The Not-So Good
  • Sensitiveness is not as high as rods of the same price range
  • The power levels are not sufficient. Heavy power, for example, feels like you’re using a moderate power rod.

Our Winners

We know it is difficult to choose the right fishing rod for bass, so we are going to give our opinion on which rod is best.

KastKing Speed Demon Tournament Series: Best Fishing Rod For Bass

Kastking products are only occasionally a good choice. This isn’t one of those rare occasions.

Each Speed Demon version retails at around 110 dollars. We are sure. This is not an affordable price. It is loaded with amazing features that are not available on higher-end models. The rod is extremely sensible and comes in a variety of lengths, power, and action combinations. You can choose between casting and spinning rods. This is the best choice for beginners looking for a spinning rod that can be used for bass fishing.

You get a hook keeper and durable graphite construction. Fuji line guides with Alconite rings are also included. A comfortable, sleek handle is also included. These features are only available on the Okuma Tournament Concept and Enigma Ippon. Abu Garcia Veritas and St. Croix Mojo. However, at a higher cost.

The Best Bass Fishing Rod For Beginners

You are likely to be looking for something simple, inexpensive, and good if you’re just starting out in the world of angling. The Ugly Stik Elite, let’s just say, is the answer.

The lightweight carbon fiber construction and large handles make it easy to use for the uninitiated. It is also less likely to create bird nests because it is a spinning rod. Casting isn’t as smooth as with other rods. The line guides made of stainless steel aren’t as smooth as those on higher-end models. It is still a great way to begin your journey.

Buying Considerations for Bass Rods

Each rod type has its strengths, but casting rods as well as spinning rods are capable of working with any lure or technique.

The main difference between the two rod types is the kind of reel that you’ll attach. Casting rods require a low-profile casting reel that looks almost like a winch. A spinning rod uses a spinning reel with an open-faced, under slung design that winds the line.

Both types of rods can be made with the strength and flexibility that you need. The reel type is what really makes one rig more effective for certain types of fishing.

  • Casting rigs have more power and allow for better casting accuracy.
  • Spinning rigs can cast lighter lures.

These two facts about spinning reels and casting are important to remember when choosing a rod.

Power and Action

People often refer to the “power” or weight of a fishing rod as its stiffness.

You may be thinking: “But Action was the term used for describing a rod’s stiffness.”

These terms can be confusing, but these are the best ways to understand them:

  • Power describes how easily a rod bends
  • Action described where the bend occurred along the rod’s length

Concentrating on Power

You should also consider the weight of your lures when choosing a rod. Casting a heavy bait like a 1 oz. jig on a whippy rod with a very flexible bend will cause the lure to overload the rod and make it difficult to cast. This will reduce your power and control. However, casting a light lure such as a topwater plug on a stiff rod can be frustrating. You’ll need your entire body to make even a moderately long cast.

The rod’s power and weight can also affect its hook setting ability. For soft plastic fishing, a stiff rod is necessary to ensure a strong hook set. A more benty rod would be preferred if you are fishing topwater baits where the bass hooks.

Many manufacturers make rods that have weights/powers that are classified as light, medium, heavy, extra heavy, or light. The two most important factors that influence a rod’s power/weight are its lure weight and hook setting capability.

Focus on Action

You should consider the lure types and techniques that you will be using when choosing a rod. Common rod actions can be described as slow, medium, or fast.

Fast action rods bend in the upper third of the blank. Moderate action bends the top half of the blank. Slow action begins in the lower third.

When fishing with jigs or plastic worms, most anglers like to use a fast action rod because they provide a lot of sensitivity, which helps in detecting strikes. For crankbait throwing, however, a slow or moderate action is required. A slower action allows for easier casting of the lighter plugs and, most importantly, leads to better hooks ups. The treble hooks on your crankbait will have a greater chance of digging in if the rod is flexible at the moment that the fish strikes. A stiff rod could just rip the lure from the fish’s mouth.

Never Separate Action & Power

You can’t separate power and action when evaluating a fishing rod. For some techniques, such as fishing soft plastic jerkbaits, you need a rod that is stiff throughout but has a substantial bend at the tip. You would choose a medium-heavy rod with a fast action in this case. You’ll need a rod with moderate power and a moderate action when you switch to topwater.

It is easy to find the right power and action by considering how heavy your lures are and what techniques you prefer.


It is much easier to decide the length of your bass rod than it is to work through all the factors. However, like everything, it all depends on how you fish. Your rod length will be affected by the lures you use, where they are cast, and how you fish.

These are some general guidelines for rod length.

The advantages of longer rods

  • For longer rods, you can get longer casts.
  • Longer rods move more line, faster, enabling great sweeping hooksets.
  • They provide you with more leverage to move fish You must get out of cover as quickly as possible.

The pros of shorter rods

  • For this reason, shorter rods are better. Accuracy: Better.
  • The rods that are shorter are better for ‘trick’ casts like skipping lures under docks.

It’s easy to choose the right length rod if you consider what lures will you be throwing and where.


Most rods are made from graphite. High heat is used to increase strength and stiffness in graphite. The most skilled manufacturers use state-of the-art manufacturing techniques. A few rod manufacturers skip these more complicated steps and end up with a stiff rod.

The process of creating a blank graphite rod is to take parallel graphite fibres and combine them with resin. The stiffer the rod, the more fibers and resin material.

The rod blank can also be made up of carbon fiber or fiberglass.

High-quality rods are made from a mixture of materials. Layers of graphite or fiberglass are carefully adjusted to produce the desired power and action.

In the 1950s, rods made from 100% fiberglass were extremely popular. They’re back! While glass rods have a slower action, they are just as durable as graphite. The drawback was the increased weight. However, fiberglass has improved greatly over the past 50 years. Many manufacturers now make lightweight rods entirely from fiberglass.

Let’s not get into the blank of the rod. But what about the hardware?

Reel seat and line guides are important. Our reviews show that most rod manufacturers recognize the importance of high-quality hardware. It’s hard to find a rod that doesn’t have durable guides or a well-constructed reel seat these days. However, you should pay close attention to these things when choosing your rod.


Here are some thoughts on rod prices that may not please the manufacturers:

A great rod doesn’t require you to spend a lot!

A lot of the things that distinguish one rod from another are nice-to have features like a high-end cork handle, or a beautiful finish that takes your breath away.

You can find the best bass rods at the most affordable price by staying grounded. The rod should be able to catch fish and last forever.

Rods can now be made from better materials and are much simpler to construct than they were just a few years ago. Manufacturers are now packing rods of low and medium range with tons of great features. It’s a highly competitive market and fishermen benefit from the many options available to them.

You can choose the rod that you want, regardless of price, if you have just won the lottery or simply want to treat yourself.

If you are like most people, your tackle budget is limited. Stick to the lower- and middle-priced rods in this case. You’ll probably need to buy more than one rod due to the importance of fishing technique in rod selection. Don’t spend too much on one!

Verdict: Match your fishing style with the rod

Let’s get back to the question that started all this… What makes a great bass fishing rig?

We said “It depends” and, if this article did its job, then you will now understand exactly what we meant. Decide what bass fishing techniques are best for you. Next, think about the features of a rod that makes one rod more effective than another for a particular lure or technique. When you think about the length, weight, and action of the rod, keep in mind how you will use it. This approach will help you find the perfect bass rod. Bass fishing is not just about catching fish. You also need to know which bait to use for bass if you want to increase your catching rate.


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