About Us

The expressfishings.com website is a collection of my (very) enthusiastic fisherman experiences. I’m a multi-species angler based in Ottawa, Ontario. I previously spent ten years on Prince Edward Island, Canada, where I conducted most of my fishing. Every year, I go on a couple of fishing expeditions.

The majority of my time in PEI was spent fishing for rainbow trout and Brookies. Many area rivers have a healthy population of sea-run brook trout, and a few critical rivers have steelhead up to 30 inches long. Atlantic mackerel, striped bass, Atlantic salmon, white perch, winter flounder, smelt, and eels are among the other species targeted. I’ve also dabbled in micro-fishing on occasion.

Because I’m now based in Ontario, I’m concentrating on warm water species. However, there are a lot of species to target in the area, and I’m quite thrilled. Some of the species found in the Ottawa area include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike, muskie, crappie, sunfish, gar, carp, and catfish. Lake Ontario, which boasts fantastic trout and salmon fishing, is also within driving distance.

Even though I now almost exclusively fly fish, my passion for fishing began when I was a kid on the east coast, drowning worms for brookies. I progressed to tossing spoons for striped bass before succumbing to the fly fishing bug while pursuing sea run brookies. From musky to walleye, I now target anything on the fly.

I’ve developed a strong interest in fly tying. I currently tie the majority of my own flies and enjoy experimenting with new patterns.

I hope that by sharing my knowledge, I may assist readers in becoming better fly anglers, spin anglers, and fly tyers… and to have more fun on the water, of course!